Imma be livin’ that good life

Imma be livin the good life

I think perhaps we need a new sofa – pretty darn quick. Maddox the Lemon likes to air out the beagle belly. ALOT. He has become ultra comfortable on the Ultra Suede and thinks it is his personal chaise lounge. Mommy is a wee bit discontented. I am on my way to Costco to buy […]

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.


Here are the boys, begging minding their own business, while dinner was served al fresco. Then along came that pesky female super model  who just wants to get – all in their faces,  with lovey dovey overload. Geeez. Buddy hates when Daphney attempts to get some lovin’, begging for a lil K.I.S.S.I.N.G. A Manly Beagle giving the Heisman to […]

Wordless Wednesday – To Wet Your Whistle 


I am inundated with laundry full of sand and sunscreen. The AC is on the fritz. Processing 800 photos. Mourning the loss of two gold fish (note to self, rx pilule get someone to feed them while we’re gone next time). And finally celebrating my baby’s Special Day, wrapping presents at 5am. With that said, […]

Photography of the Beagle Brigade


We still kinda hate her


Sorta, try okay, viagra well maybe a lot. Yeah, she is getting a little bit bigger, but she still annoys the heck out of us old men. We are gonna hold our higher ground….

Beagle photo update and Tanaka Farms CSA!

Tanaka Farms

The 9-year-old has requested more canine photography, so here is the latest followed by a farm that will surprise you. Let’s talk about a local Orange County Community Supported Agriculture – CSA.            Over the weekend, Ms Jenna shared with me a great delightful find. Did you know you could get a box of fresh vegetable/fruits from a local farm […]

McGyver Maddox Chocolate Chunk Cookies


   The kitchen smells unbelievably good.   McGyver Maddox has not been able to leave my side.   Since Chocolate is a no-no for dawgs.   This big guy is playing the pathetically neglected role tonight.   These treats McGyver Maddox loves but cannot have,   Chocolate Chunk Cookies.   SO ONWARD…   Let’s bake some cookies! You know you want to.   […]

Programming Change by Management


Daphney Photo Friday has been interrupted by a McGyver Maddox Posting – Shocked But Not Appalled – Again? This time no food. also No shame…. well wait… guess this is a sorry Back to our regularly schedule Daphney Photo Friday next week. Have a Great Weekend Friends!

Born to be Wild


A dogs’ attitude towards exercise is quite different from our own.  Our Beagles need no motivation to go outside and get a cardio workout in, it is pure fun for the Brigade. Get your motor runnin’ Head out on the highway Lookin’ for adventure And whatever comes our way LOVE those ears a flying… Dogs crave a vigorous […]