A Beagle Brigade Update

Here is a quick update on the Beagle Brigade.  Daphney is wearing a diaper.  Not a plastic one, online a rugged denim one made especially for dogs. Yes, it is that time of the year.  We have opted to pass on this breeding opportunity for it would make for a summer calendar mess.  Puppies would be knocking on our door in July/August.  I know everyone is excited for Beagle Babies. Me perhaps the most.  But, it will have to be next year.  Promise.May 6th-017

See, look how pleased she is about this decision.

May 6th-029-2

Buddy is still is as loyal and gentle as ever, except when we are out walking.  He spies a terrier or poodle and wants to take him, downtown. Being 30 yards away is simply too close to be walking near Buddy’s people. We are working on this, but I think it is all for show. All bark, no bite kind of thing.  Beagles really aren’t fierce. 

What else?  He will not tolerate being stuck in a room without humans.  He always has to be at somebodies side.  Morning, noon, and night. And yes, he still sucks on his blanket when the world is slightly out of balance.  Read, the trash truck is making too much noise.  You should see the holes in our his navy blue throw.

May 6th-030-2

Maddox’s paw has healed and he thinks he is spry and athletic again. Which means he is attempting to jump onto kitchen tables and counters.  Even for crumbs. Once upon these high places, he doesn’t want to jump back down. He is afraid he might hurt himself.  He just lays down until somebody finds him.  It usually is one of the littles yelling MMMOOOOOOMMMMMMYYYYYY! Maddox is being naughty!  He is such a bad influence.

May 6th-034-2

We are working on better manners. But beagles are stubborn. I just finally managed to get them to stay put for the camera.  Okay, that picture took a little bit of steak persuasion.


Have a great week friends



  1. I love these kids!!! They are precious and loving. Reading the updates makes me smile. 🙂 Daphney’s look on her face reminds me of Sammy & Tina when we put the harness on them for walks. Really? The reward for the harness is a walk. When will they get it. LOL Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Next year will be soon enough for Daphney as she has plenty of time, but the beagle babies on Facebook caught my attention enough to do it again with Carly so Daphney can settle for being a half sister this time around!!

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