Cheese and Wine Dip

I am so sorry for this one. Really I am. Putting these things together and then dumping it into a bread bowl is dietary uncool for those watching their physique. But you know what, it’s the holidays and Carbo Loading with Cheese and Wine are ideal for those ‘cheat days’ methinks. Come to think of […]

Best Pumpkin Seeds Recipe Ever

It is that time again. Toasted pumpkin seeds recipe time! My sister-in-law shared this recipe with me a few years back. It was from her Church. Each year the Church hands it out right before Halloween. Everyone in the congregation calls it “The Best Pumpkin Seeds Recipe Ever”. It’s the same recipe I post lasted […]

Puff Pastry Appetizer with Feta and Caramelized Onions

They say once you have reached a certain place in life, physician you gain a better understanding of your true needs. For me, I don’t necessarily feel time has refined mine. My needs have always been to be surrounded by a healthy, loving and trusted tribe. Yes. That is my thing. No judging allowed. Period. […]

Deviled Eggs Recipe – Plain and Simple

Love Deviled Eggs. Making them is an entirely different story. The most frustrating part; the peeling. In the past, doctor more hard-cooked egg than egg shells end up in the sink. Resulting in an unappealing miss-shaped appetizer.  No one will be running to those babies at a potluck gathering. With Easter this weekend I bring […]

Back By Demand; Toasted Pumpkin Seed Recipe

This is somewhat of a repost from last year.  The toasted pumpkin seed recipe from October 2010 has recently been requested by a few of you.  Instead of emailing links or the recipe itself, pills I’ll simply post it again friends. It’s a simple brining recipe which keeps the result on the healthy side.  There […]

Summer Farm Stand Salsa

Here is a really easy, delicious and crowd-pleasing dish.  It’s colorful and terrific for any type of bash.  One of the tricks is to use choice ingredients, ideally from a farm stand.  Especially fresh corn, heirloom tomatoes, limes and ripe hass avocados. As for the jalapenos, be sure to use gloves while handling.  If ya’ choose […]

Pico de Gallo

This recipe can last up to 3 days refrigerated in a covered container if it makes it that long. Ever since I started making this Pico de Gallo, cialis store bought salsa has become unappetizing. I call this “Pico Salsa” because Mexican Salsas can range from pico de gallo, which contains chopped tomatoes, onions and cilantro, to salsa […]

Cheese Tart Appetizer Recipe for Thanksgiving

Hi Friends, Happy Friday to ya.    This was my first recipe post from last April. I’m reposting it today in the spirit of Thanksgiving Feasts to be prepared in the upcoming weeks. Besides, my computer and I are in the midst of a fencing competition and it’s winning. Darn you Sony Vaio.    See you next week, hopefully […]

How to Make Perfect Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

First carve your pumpkins and get those seeds out of that stringy matter, ampoule pills a j.o.b. for the little ones.   Then rinse the pulp off the seeds. Using a colander is handy. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Since each year our pumpkins deliver different quantities of seeds, here is a handy-dandy table […]