Since last we spoke

I know it has been awhile. My friend Stacie along with a few others have been prodding me to write.  You know who you are. They know that life has been taking front seat, shot-gun style, combined with the fact I simply became – shall I say, lazy.  I thank them for rubbing my back […]

Election Night

It’s election night and everyone is anxious. Checking their phones, sale text messaging  and hovering around cable news channels.  Why does it always boil to to FLORIDA? I don’t watch the news. Gave it up cold turkey after 911. All that doom and gloom weighted too heavy on my daily life; made me bonkers. Walking […]

Camera Settings for Pets

Pets, generic animals or any wildlife in general all need special camera settings. Our furry feathered friends do not pose or hang out for very long. So you need to be quick. With this in mind, I feel, camera settings for pets, your shutter speed needs to be king. The following is my recipe (using […]

Bits and Pieces from Yesterday

A day in the life, online Southern California style. 5:45am More 7:00am 7:15am 7:30am 9:00am Sunglasses and Bi-Focal Discussion 9:30am 10:00am 11:30am 12:30pm The Maddox Daphney Buddy 1:30pm on hold. 2:30pm Laundry, remedy jealous. I know you are. snuggles Let’s ride 4:00 pm mail time 5:00pm Dinner prep 5:15pm Smells good 5:30pm 6:30 Angels vs. […]

Beagle Brigade Photography: A Brand New Collection

I have too many dogs. I do. Maddox, check buy Buddy and Daphney. I love them all, hospital but the hair and the barking and the discipline can send me running to the hills some days. Want one? I must admit, decease late at night, when I curl up on the sofa, I have the […]

I strive to be the person my dog thinks I am

Maddox – Dapheny – Buddy 9yo – 1.8yo – 10yo Maddox Always searching for food He likes his alone time, pilule usually on a high perch. The paw curl, viagra it always gets me. Maddox the King. He just wants you to pet him. A lot. And he will purr in delight. Daphney Wants to […]

4th of July Recap

The Beagle Brigade was not happy about Canine Camp. We were off to Huntington Beach for…… No training wheels Food and Friendships Ice Cream Runs Gin Rummy Long awaited victories 5k and Parade on Pacific Coast Highway Hammocks and Lemonade Sunshine all over Elvis Music at 6am Growing up Relaxation and fireworks from the balcony […]

A Beagle Brigade Update

Here is a quick update on the Beagle Brigade.  Daphney is wearing a diaper.  Not a plastic one, online a rugged denim one made especially for dogs. Yes, it is that time of the year.  We have opted to pass on this breeding opportunity for it would make for a summer calendar mess.  Puppies would […]

Lessons in Life

Lessons in Life via The Beagle Brigade Be happy to see those you love The power of a compliment Play Say I’m sorry Include everyone Show your joy Nap Let your needs be known Be loyal Share Have a favorite toy Don’t hold a grudge Be supportive Protect and defend those you love What you […]