Inside-Out German Chocolate Cake

Hi. Posts have been thin as of late, ask I realize. You see, clinic I have started this exercise class called Pure Barre. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I get my booty handed to me by a super trimballetdancer Barre instructor. In all honesty, after my very first class I had to come home, curl […]

Pumpkin Tart Favorite

She did not care for pumpkin pie, my niece that is. A self proclaimed pumpkin pie non-lover. Until I handed her a slice of this little diddy. The best Pumpkin Tart you will ever have. Consider it a sophisticated step up from your average pumpkin pie. I must warn you, there is tempering of eggs […]

Dad is great. Gives us the Chocolate Cake!

Does anyone here remember Bill Cosby’s Skit eons ago? It was an HBO special that aired ad nauseum during my youth. Each and every time it aired, we howled.  We all knew my Daddy would have completely channeled Bill Cosby.  My mother?  Being a product of the 50’s, would have responded in utter disgust. After watching […]

Caramel Apple Salad

Talk about a taste explosion. This one is the bomb. A Caramel Apple Salad. If you need an original recipe to take to a Halloween Potluck, discount this is your vibe. It makes a lot, advice but you will be surprised by how many people go back for seconds. You will get text messages at […]

Haagen-Dazs Forever

Orange County, it was the 1980’s. There was a local Haagen-Dazs store. It smelled like heaven dressed in dark red and white. Come Sunday night it was a go-to when the DMV bestowed yours truly with a driver’s license. The question was how many under-aged teenagers could I pile in my Mazada? I fly, you […]

Dessert Recipe with Pineapple – aka Pineapple Soufflé

This is a dessert recipe with pineapple that probably dates back over 75 years in our family. My great-grandmother made this for her boarders back in the 1920’s. She ran a boarding home out of their residence during the Great Depression to pay the bills. There she is, Anna Eliza, with Gigi in her lap as a […]

Cinnamon Swirl Crumb Cake

Coffee cake is spectacular stuff, especially along side a strong brew of coffee. A few local coffee houses do a pretty darn good job making them. A coffee cake with a crumb top that melts in your mouth is a sugar rush to crave. While a cinnamon swirl coffee cake dusted with powdered sugar cannot […]

Lemon Zucchini Bread Recipe

Gifts from friends, when you least expect them, always take my breath away. You were thinking about little old me? They make you feel loved. What an amazing warm and fuzzy. An box filled with Krueig coffee cups arrived on the front door step last week. The reason?  Well, there was a party last […]

Samoa Bundt Cake from

Happy Friday everyone!  What a week filled with good times. Cable guy came by on Monday and improved our cable speed/connection. I am whizzing along now. Went to a OC Media night for Women in New Media at Antonello Ristorante. Then celebrated the birthday of a dear friend afterwards. Tuesday – Took all three beagles to the vet […]