The Playground DTSA an OC Culinary Adventure

Summer is rolling right along and I have two new places to share with you. One in the OC while the other in LA only 35 minutes from home sans traffic. However, today lets drool over The Playground DTSA, (DTSA stands for Down Town Santa Ana). We’ll save the new Los Angeles hot spot for […]

Favorite Restaurant Dishes in the OC

Here in the OC, DH and I enjoy dining  out on the weekends, sometimes with the little people, sometimes without.  When my friend Ashley shared the 2012 OC Foodie Awards Winners list, it was a culinary good mine.  Some of the mentioned restuarants we had tried, while others were new to us. Dining at each of these mighty fine establishments is our […]

Old Vine Cafe in Costa Mesa

The Old Vine Cafe in Costa Mesa, California just turned 5 years old. Way to go… Idaho! Have you been there friends? It’s a personal favorite here in the OC. Brunch with  girlfriends and date night dinners have been memorable and down right tasty dining experiences. So let me tell you about it. Breakfast is […]

Chez Panisse, found by Alice Waters

60 minutes did a piece on Alice Waters in 2009. I caught it while flipping through the channels. It was about a little Berkeley restaurant know as Chez Panisse, found by Alice Waters in 1971. She was 27 years old. 27 people! From the beginning, Alice’s restaurant used the freshest local food available, prepared and […]

Napa or Sonoma?

Napa or Sonoma? That is the question. If you are going on a wine-o weekend, stuff which do you choose? Inquiring minds. Well, remedy after umpteen trips to this wonderful Northern California region, I hope that I’ve got an informed wine-o-opinion. First, let’s talk about Sonoma. Wineries here tend to be smaller, friendlier, and more […]

Umami Burger in Costa Mesa

Welcome Umami Burger in Costa Mesa! Umami is a Japanese term used to describe the 5th flavor taste: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami – also known as savory.  The name Umami Burger delivers all these flavor tastes.  I’ll go on record, boldly, the burgers have more flavor than any other burger joint out there. […]

OC Press Club, Antonello Ristorante and My New Gig

Last night I sat in a chair listening to some ultra-savvy women from Orange County, speak about Women in New Media. It was an inspiring night. I always leave these gatherings encouraged, nurtured and ready to Rock and Roll. The smart, funny and adorable Suz Broughton, just love her, brought this marvelous night together. She […]

Favorite Places for OC Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week is back, but not for long! Oh, happy, joyful, week. My most favorite dining event has returned until this Friday, March 3rd. It only happens once a year, so be sure to check it out. Restaurants from Fullerton to Laguna Beach will be offering pre-selected multi-course menus with set pricing. You typically have […]

Cucina Enoteca in Irvine Spectrum = Delicious

Are you wondering where to go for dinner tonight or this weekend?  Well, I’ve found an absolutely delicious and delightful place.  An Italian kitchen and wine shop; CUCINA enoteca.  Today’s post is about this new Irvine Spectrum restaurant, it would make for a fantastic dinner any night of the week. Think of a modern Italian […]