Belli Elasticity Belly Oil because it’s DRY OUT

  Dry chapped lips windy weather. That is what southern California has been experiencing for DAYS AND DAYS now. Enough already. The only thing that has saved me from turning into a shrived prune is this find. Belli Elasticity Belly Oil I know, I know. It is meant for pregnant woman and avoiding dreaded stretch […]

Spring 2013 Wardrobe Updates

It’s March. Spring and Summer are right around the corner. How about a few colorful, cialis sale light and inexpensive Spring 2013 Wardrobe Updates? While lying in bed the last few weeks (recovering), cheap I came across a new clothing site. Modbe. Don’t ask me how I found it, medicine I was loaded on pain […]

New Sunscreen to Love

When Bobbi Brown discontinued my coveted Sunscreen I wept.  I then turned to Gone But Not Forgotten to order 6 discontinued boxes in hopes I’d find a new sunscreen to love in the meantime. Well, being down to the last tube was scary stuff. I had tried so many and nothing past muster. Thankfully while […]

Friday Kate Spade Obsessions

Color, prescription shine and glitter from Kate Spade have me glowing with delight! I want it all, medical especially that cap!

Quiksilver for Women has Opened Their Doors

Quiksilver for Women has opened their doors at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. It’s precisely what a California girls needs. The store gives you a well-curated glimpse into the brand’s coastal heritage. A culture found in places such as; Salt Creek, Huntington Beach Pier and Lowers. These stand-out surfing locations exemplify the crowd pleasing approach […]

New Lip Gloss to Covet – Chanel Giggle No. 46

Chanel Lip Gloss Levres Scintillantes – GIGGLE No. 46 This gloss has recently become one of my most favorite glossimers in the Chanel Lip Gloss Collection. Right up there, standing tall, next to the spectacular IMAGINAIRE No. 84. GIGGLE No. 46 is a muted pinky-mauve-beige-neutral-clear color that brings a perfect “my lips but only way […]

Friday Favorites

1. Haage Daz my love for you is true. It is a sweet sweet LOVE that will last forever. 2. Where is Rick Moranis these days? His improvisations in Ghostbusters, (shot in one continuous take) where legendary. A few more unscripted great Movie  Moments. 3. If my oldest wasn’t growing up so fast, her hair would […]

Layered Bob Thanks to Kate and Marisa

No, this is not the new layered bob hair. This is the photo of me and my Daddy, when I realized it was time for a  hair makeover. Okay. The pic was taken in Palm Springs, and it was a billion degrees and I was shooting the party. However, there should be no excuse. Stringy hair […]

C. Wonder in Fashion Island is Wonderful

CLOTHING. ACCESSORIES. HOME DÉCOR. SURPRISES. Orange County you are in for a real treat. C. Wonder has come to town. It is a retail concept and lifestyle brand straight from New York from entrepreneur Chris Burch.  The new store had it’s Grand Opening this past weekend in Fashion Island. Right next to the Koi Pond. I felt […]