Favorite Canine Products for the Beagle Brigade

  I run a tight ship with the Beagles.  I have to. They out number me.  Furthermore since they sleep with us they must be uber clean.  When Buddy decides to roll in a mound of dirt trying to resemble a chocolate Labrador, I DRAW THE LINE. It’s shower time.  I’ll start with a few products […]

Project 365 {Day 5 thru 25}

Time for a little housekeeping.  Here is an update to the 365 Project.  {One photo a day in 2011} Can I do it? Only time will tell.  Day Five ~ Bruxie Waffles     Day Six ~  Jealous?   Day Seven ~ The Calm after the Storm      Day Eight ~ Kingpin   Day Nine ~ Daphney […]

Beagle Pics – So Past Due

        They are all terrific. Maddox’s paw has healed but holy beegebez he needs to be on ‘The Biggest Loser’. Dang he is sneaky when it comes to stealing food. Buddy is still sweet as candy and very polite as always. Unless you try to cross one of his pack members {us}. […]

Beagle Brigade December {Wordless Wednesday}


Every time I sit at the computer, the barking begins. The more I say “STOP-IT”, the louder and more pronounced it becomes.    It was driving me crazy. I even considered, since she is in her ‘season’, it was hormones and need a doggie Xanax. {Is there such a thing?} But then I paused, to ask myself, why is she […]

Wordless Wednesday – The Beagles


All Good Dogs Deserve These Treats

Check out these wonderful New Doggie accessories at Crate and Barrel.  They make your four legged friends feel a little more part of the family.             And my Favorite:   set of 4 Dog Bone Toys for $39.80          Enjoy your weekend friends.    

The tale of two tomatoes: Mexican Pico De Gallo vs. Italian Bruschetta

The food of choice this Tuesday is the “Tomato“. I admit, I never used to like tomatoes, simply was not a fan of the seeds and pulp factor. However, as I have grown older, I have found a new respect for them. I now seek out fresh salsa and when I tried Bruschetta, l realized […]

Maya Angelou – Wordy Wednesday

“People will forget what you said, cialis sale   people will forget what you did, there    but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou             Kathleen