Picture Day Project 365 – 2011; Mission Accomplished.

It’s a wrap. 22 Posts later. Picture Day Project 365 – 2011 is complete. Will I attempt Project 365 in 2012? Has it been a huge time suck and a royal pain in the booty? Nope, sick exactly the opposite.  It’ been a creative, imaginative, and enjoyable endeavor. From what I can see on Instagram, […]

Picture Day Project 365; October 12th – November 20th {Days 285 to 325}

  Gratuitous Pumpkin Shot Day 285 – October 12, 2011 Warm Fur Baby Day 286 – October 13, 2011 Irvine Park, California Day 287 – October 14, 2011 Liquid Amber Day 288 – October 15, 2011 First Fire Day 289 – October 16, 2011 Scallops; Seared, with a Coconut Scented Potato Puree, Caramelized Pineapple, Shitake Mushrooms and a Balsamic Reduction […]

Picture Day Project 365; September 21st to October 11th {Days 264 – 284}

Balance. I’ve heard many speak of it, treat in regards to their work verses self verses family life.  This three-week window has had me double checking my time allotments for each.  Staying busy is my medicine for grief now.  I guess I’m falling in to the group of work hard – play hard.  By the look of the […]