Picture Day Project 365 – 2011; Mission Accomplished.

It’s a wrap. 22 Posts later. Picture Day Project 365 – 2011 is complete. Will I attempt Project 365 in 2012? Has it been a huge time suck and a royal pain in the booty? Nope, sick exactly the opposite.  It’ been a creative, imaginative, and enjoyable endeavor. From what I can see on Instagram, […]

Picture Day Project 365; October 12th – November 20th {Days 285 to 325}

  Gratuitous Pumpkin Shot Day 285 – October 12, 2011 Warm Fur Baby Day 286 – October 13, 2011 Irvine Park, California Day 287 – October 14, 2011 Liquid Amber Day 288 – October 15, 2011 First Fire Day 289 – October 16, 2011 Scallops; Seared, with a Coconut Scented Potato Puree, Caramelized Pineapple, Shitake Mushrooms and a Balsamic Reduction […]

Picture Day Project 365; September 21st to October 11th {Days 264 – 284}

Balance. I’ve heard many speak of it, treat in regards to their work verses self verses family life.  This three-week window has had me double checking my time allotments for each.  Staying busy is my medicine for grief now.  I guess I’m falling in to the group of work hard – play hard.  By the look of the […]

Picture Day Project 365 – August 31st to September 20th {Days 243 – 263}

Three weeks of photos, August 31st to September 20th. I keep brushing tears off the key board. It’s been a bitter-sweet September. Day 243 UltraLuxe – Jiggling in Perfect Sync ~ 8/31 Day 244 Practicing ~ 9/1 Day 245 Tag Team ~ 9/2 Day 246 Wolf Pack  ~ 9/3 Day 247 Abeskivers OC Street Fair […]

Picture Day Project 365 {Days 236 to 242}

Back to school. Back to school. I have a video for you at the end in the spirit of Back To School. – I love me some Michael Keaton. Where has he been lately?  I miss him. Hope the transitions from summer schedules are going smoothly for everyone. The house is quite these days and […]

Picture Day Project 365 {Days 213 to 235}

Summer has been in high gear, search moving at light speed.  Here is a glimpse at the first three weeks of August.  Oh yeah.  Each week an Orange County pic will be featured on OC Daily Photo.  It is a website for Orange County, California which features photography seven days a week from seven different […]

Picture Day Project 365 {Days 194 to 212}

Yes.  I will be attending Blogher this year in San Diego.  Cannot wait.  Still trying to finish the wardrobe decisions, but everything else is ret-to-go.  Well almost ready to go.  I just have one tiny detail to conquer before Thursday, more about that later.  In the mean time.  It has been a while since we have […]

Picture Day Project 365 {Days 180 to 193}

Well hello there.  Happy Summer. We have been packing and unpacking.  Laundry, try then repeating around here.  Seeing friends and traveling has made for a speedy summer calendar.   I hope your daylight savings time days have been full of laughs, buy cialis frolic, sick and dancing. A duchess curtsey to all the friends for having […]

Picture Day Project 365 {Days 166 to 179}

Hiya friends. The weather is warming up here in Southern California.  June gloom weather has departed and summer sunshine has arrived.  We have been busy celebrating birthdays and anniversary’s these last two weeks.  A Cars 2 screening at the new UltraLuxe premium theater in Anaheim’s GardenWalk was a special treat last weekend.  Hey, the theater just got […]