Our iPhone Contract

When is it the proper time to allow your child a smart-phone? Each family has their own needs and thoughts on the matter. I support everyone’s decision. It is a personal one. For our family, we just crossed over in allowing our oldest this sensitive right of passage. With that came Our iPhone Contract. Many […]

New Family Room from Candice Oslon Tells All

New Family Room from Candice Oslon Tells All The family room. It’s the one place in our home where everyone congregates. Having the kitchen next to it helps in gathering the crowd.  The floor is wood and the cabinets are maple. The walls where yellow, pharmacy so over it.  Last spring, tadalafil I thought this was […]

How to Prevent Infestations

Have you ever sent your little one off to school and they return home with the ‘notice’.  That special notice warning you another child in your little one’s class has a discreet hair problem? Lice. There I said it.  I received a notice yesterday. It’s such a headache and anxiety provoking situation.  My child has been exposed […]