What I did not know about a….Hysterectomy

Hysterectomy. Let’s turn on the lights of this blog and dust of the counters, I’m back or coming back. Very, very slowly. It’s been a while since I posted with any regularity. The holidays came and went with this news. Which brings us to the Hysterectomy that occurred last Saturday. Sleeping was my first line […]

5 Things

Yes. There are a multitude of things to blog about today. Some good, look others not so good. I am going to keep it to a simple list of 5 things. 1. Peace Love and Cookies :: here some are links to my past recipes Roll Out Cookie Recipe Macadamia Nuts Congo Bars Recipe Chocolate […]

10 Things I Want My Kids to Know

10 things I want my kids to know, in no particular order: You are smart You are beautiful No one else will ever make you happy, only you can make you happy. Be yourself, don’t go changing to fit in. Be kind and compassionate to everyone. Hard work pays off. Always be there for the […]

14 Retro Chic Fonts

Let’s talk about fonts, 14 Retro Chic Fonts. All super bitchen. I casually came across the font Caviar Dreams a while back. This was when it all began. Being caught off guard, I was unprepared by how deeply and uncontrollably I loved it. The subtle tilt of the lower case ‘e’ and the uppercase ‘Q’ […]

Friday Favorites


1. Haage Daz my love for you is true. It is a sweet sweet LOVE that will last forever. 2. Where is Rick Moranis these days? His improvisations in Ghostbusters, (shot in one continuous take) where legendary. A few more unscripted great Movie  Moments. 3. If my oldest wasn’t growing up so fast, her hair would […]

Two Essential iPhone Apps for Earthquakes

We have had a flurry of earthquakes here in Southern California over the last 12 hours. Want to know how many? 26 as of 11:30 PST 8/8/2012. Think it’s time to share two essential iPhone apps for Earthquakes. I’ve kept track of earth quakes ever since the San Andreas Fault North Ridge Quake (6.7m) of […]

Napa or Sonoma?

Napa or Sonoma? That is the question. If you are going on a wine-o weekend, stuff which do you choose? Inquiring minds. Well, remedy after umpteen trips to this wonderful Northern California region, I hope that I’ve got an informed wine-o-opinion. First, let’s talk about Sonoma. Wineries here tend to be smaller, friendlier, and more […]

A Slightly Different Bucket List

I’ve always wanted to write a bucket list; for things I have never done or 40 things before 40.  I know you have heard of them. But here’s the thing, stuff buy cialis when I start, sale writers block sets in. My fingers stop tapping on the keyboard.  I can come up with; Effie Tower, […]

Packing Up Memories

The mid-west was both nice and cold by all accounts this week. I had never seen my Grammie’s home buried under a foot of white pristine snow. It seemed appropriate that the cold weather came with the cold hard task of packing up her precious belongings.  That is where I spent the last 5 days. […]