Time Capsule – Best of July 2012

From a year ago. I know, pharmacy sickness but sometimes opening a time capsule is uber cool. Let’s see some cheese, sovaldi 4th of July with a side of fireworks anxiety (for some), art classes for my artist, a Palm Springs anniversary’s, and Paleo. No more words, I bring you July 365 days ago or […]

Best of June 2012 deep in the OC

So. Um. Yay. I am a year behind. Better late than never, right. June brought – a mighty fine Asian Salad. A fantastic Frank is 40 shindig. Middle man learning in1st grade how to square dancing. Turning 6 years old and graduating Kindergarten! Whoop Whoop. Daphney vs. the hose. She still feels to this day […]

Best of May 2012

Hello – how is everyone? Southern California has had two wonderfully weathered days in the past 48 hours. 80 degrees with a slight breeze. I feel mother nature is apologizing for the cold temps that had everyone on “Cold Weather Watch” last week. I hear you giggling Minnesota, ambulance but when surfers head to the […]