Time Capsule – Best of July 2012

From a year ago. I know, pharmacy sickness but sometimes opening a time capsule is uber cool. Let’s see some cheese, sovaldi 4th of July with a side of fireworks anxiety (for some), art classes for my artist, a Palm Springs anniversary’s, and Paleo. No more words, I bring you July 365 days ago or […]

Best of June 2012 deep in the OC

So. Um. Yay. I am a year behind. Better late than never, right. June brought – a mighty fine Asian Salad. A fantastic Frank is 40 shindig. Middle man learning in1st grade how to square dancing. Turning 6 years old and graduating Kindergarten! Whoop Whoop. Daphney vs. the hose. She still feels to this day […]

Best of May 2012

Hello – how is everyone? Southern California has had two wonderfully weathered days in the past 48 hours. 80 degrees with a slight breeze. I feel mother nature is apologizing for the cold temps that had everyone on “Cold Weather Watch” last week. I hear you giggling Minnesota, ambulance but when surfers head to the […]

Best of April 2012

While washing my face this morning I felt there was something missing from these 2012 year end review posts. My monthly commentary. To make up for this, here are my impressions from the previous months followed by April. And I’ll tell you April is chalked full of mac-daddy favorites. Best of January 2012 Pro – […]

Best of February 2012

If you missed the beginning, no worries. Here is  the Best of January! February 2012 The French Wedding Buttermilk Pancakes Joy The Baker and to end with Crock Pot Chicken Tacos

Best of January 2012

In the next 72 hours, before the end of the year, how about opening the photo vault and sharing my 2012 favorites?  If you missed last year, here are the links to the best of 2011. October was an uber cool month. Personal Photo Favorites Oct – Dec 2011 Personal Photo Favorites July – Sept 2011 […]

Christmas Photos from Deep in the OC

Much Love, physician sickness Do you have New Year’s Eve Plans?