iPhone Photography a Visual Guide

I take photos with my iPhone and I’m proud to say I’m an instagramer. A what? Instgram is a photo sharing app for both the iPhone and Android. Folks add photos to their feed by either using the camera built into their phone or by using a traditional camera. With a traditional camera pic, you […]

Instagram April Recap

Time to download a month of Instagram April photos. Who is up for that? For those who have asked. All photos are taken on my iPhone thru an application called camera+ with post editing done in snapseed. There you have it, no more, no less. By the way, have you entered the Gourmet Meal Kit […]

Wednesday Forest vs. The Trees

My Friend Joy helped me with this…. FOREST. Be supportive. Love openly. Get excited. Laugh out loud and unapologetically. Say your SORRY when you hurt someone. And mean it with all your heart. Express joy. It’s okay to cry. Love the big and small in life. Gather and share. Be brave. Show praise. TREES. How […]