iPhone Photography a Visual Guide

I take photos with my iPhone and I’m proud to say I’m an instagramer. A what? Instgram is a photo sharing app for both the iPhone and Android. Folks add photos to their feed by either using the camera built into their phone or by using a traditional camera. With a traditional camera pic, you […]

Instagram April Recap

Time to download a month of Instagram April photos. Who is up for that? For those who have asked. All photos are taken on my iPhone thru an application called camera+ with post editing done in snapseed. There you have it, no more, no less. By the way, have you entered the Gourmet Meal Kit […]

Wednesday Forest vs. The Trees

My Friend Joy helped me with this…. FOREST. Be supportive. Love openly. Get excited. Laugh out loud and unapologetically. Say your SORRY when you hurt someone. And mean it with all your heart. Express joy. It’s okay to cry. Love the big and small in life. Gather and share. Be brave. Show praise. TREES. How […]

Instagram time for #MARCHphotoaday

It has been a while since we did an Instagram recap. We are now well into March and the last one was February . Time flies. Wow – let’s get caught up, help why don’t we? So from IG friend @fatmumslim’s inspiration, buy viagra let’s get to work. Straight from my iPhone, here is the Instagram feed. […]

InstaFriday with another #FEBphotoaday Recap

It’s that day of the week again! Time to share those moments captured on our iPhones. This time I wanted to let you all know about a link-up. Click on the button above to read all about it. Thanks Jeannett. Here are the hap’s in Orange County, California this week from photo-a-day. The prompts are […]

Instagram Photo Recap for FEBphotoaday

Let’s pick up at Day 11 for #FEBphotoaday.  Some days I posted more than one pic for the prompt. Hi, my name is Kathleen and I over share. The titles below the pic are the prompts given, which you are set out to ‘capture’. Here is the latest Instagram Photo Recap for #FEBphotoaday, the big […]

A Photo Friday Recap; iPhone Style

Last year Project 365 kept me busy with photographic captures to post. The ole iPhone and Big Girl camera where my worthy assistants. Loved it. 2012 arrived with the intention of a non-diary style photographic sharing.  Then Instagram began to woo me. #JANphotoaday drew me in with its daily prompts.  Friends pleaded with me to […]

Catching Up

What day is it? It’s almost February?  Huh. Feels like I’ve been spit out of a black hole in the space-time continuum. Adjusting to West Coast time after pulling too many all nighters on the East Coast can wreak havoc on those circadian rhythms. Today we are catching up, so I can get a grasp […]

Instagram Friday

Hello friends. Today is going to be short and sweet. Tonight we are off to Nick and Step’s Steakhouse in downtown Los Angeles for a night on the town. If you would like to come along you can find my Instagram feed at Ksugarandspice. Here are the first two weeks of 2012. Enjoy. Have a […]