Kitchen Family Room Makeover ~ Part One Inspiration

Candice Olson.  Why haven’t you responded to my eleventy hundred requests to travel outside of Canada to film your show, sickness Candice Tells All, sovaldi   here in the good ole USofA?  Our residence in Southern California, is just a stones throw away.  The Beach, Disneyland, Getty Museum, and Legoland would make an excellent vacation stop for […]

Beautiful Interior Paint Colors

I have been in the redecorating mood lately something fierce.  The first target in my viewfinder is the kitchen. These walls need a new coat of paint.  Then we will need new upholstery to match, treatment  AND then new window coverings…  the snow ball is off and rolling.  It is a slippery slope, I tell ya.   While staring […]

Friday Tidbits

Hello friends, discount ready for the weekend?  Here in California we are having a weather change.  Thunderstorms they say.  I love some good thunder and lightening, doctor but the beagles don’t.  Three beagles running to drape themselves over my lap, search shaking, will be in store if the forecasters are correct.  Hopefully, that will not […]

Dragon Inhaler

A member of our tribe has caught a germy.  My middle man has been pretty gosh darn sick with his own lil respiratory plague. So what in the HECK am I going to find that would even remotely be considered N I C E ? My newly found Pediatric Dragon Inhaler. Yep, ed there it is, […]

You Are Special Today

  My Mom started this tradition when I was a little girl. Growing up we called it the ‘The Red Plate’.   Each of us were given this plate when our parents thought we did something “special”.   It is tied to many good memories. Now with my family, it’s something we use when we want someone to feel supported and reassured for […]

A Pinteresting 2011 Vision Board.

Photo Credit Wiley Valentine Pinterest. Have you heard of it? For those looking for a dynamic way to track your ideas, check photos & links that catch your eye online (always attributing images to their original source) and perusing the interests of others, cheap you are going to love Pinterest. In keeping with a bulletin […]

Gifts for Wine Lovers

With Valentines day right around the corner I thought I might share some gift ideas for the wine lover in your life. Here at the compound we have opened many bottles of wine through the years.   Because of this DH and I have A LONG LIST of wine opening contraptions that do not work, break, […]

December Honor Roll Round Up

Sometimes you come across a product that is so amazing and original, you just have to share. Here is a round up of some products I am in love with and make me SMILE. 1. Tom Ford Lipstick It is expensive at $45 a tube, but here is the thing though. If your going to […]

8 Tips for Holiday Party Planning Confidence

I’ve loved parties since I was knee high to a grasshopper. {That is me (white Barrett) and Gigi (fuchsia dress) in the photo} My mother and grandmother have entertained many through the years and the memories of fabulous times have helped shape my modern day love of a great get together. Both Mom and Gigi […]