Capresso is Out, Keurig is In.

I’m sorry Capresso.  It’s time we parted ways.  Don’t get me wrong, you’ve been a great friend. Especially all those early mornings when I couldn’t open my eyes.  I’ve truly appreciated your warmth and comfort over the years.  You see, it’s not you; it’s me.  Why am I leaving you?  Well, to be honest, in […]

Organizing Bender

We designate a separate space in our home for school/art supplies.  Crayons, colored pencils, sticker, envelopes, tape, et al – live in a kitchen cabinet.  It’s a place that the entire Tribe uses.  When certain people, who shall stay name-less, don’t respect Momma’s organization, the cabinet turns into a disaster.  When it becomes this unruly, the creative juices screech to […]

The Shark and Daphney the Beagle

The garage was a pitiful sticky mess.  Seven-up and melted popsicle puddles were EVERYWHERE.  Furthermore, dust, fur, and carbon emissions had layered themselves on top of the food glue.  Day after day. I don’t really care for dirty messes.  They make me nervous.  It’s an affliction. When the garage floor gets unbearable, I break out the […]