Capresso is Out, Keurig is In.

Keurig-067I’m sorry Capresso.  It’s time we parted ways.  Don’t get me wrong, you’ve been a great friend. Especially all those early mornings when I couldn’t open my eyes.  I’ve truly appreciated your warmth and comfort over the years.  You see, it’s not you; it’s me.  Why am I leaving you?  Well, to be honest, in my daily life I need to crystallize my morning routine and need a bit of variety.  All your parts which need cleaning and having to share you with a group just doesn’t work for me anymore.  In these fast paced times, you are on the slow side.  We can still be friends, but your new residence will now be in the cabinet.  I’ll write, farewell.

Enter the new Keurig Coffee – Tea – or Me machine.



This package was from Costco. They have a Keurig package that comes with the coffee maker AND 60 K-cups. “K-Cups” are the grounds, or other brew material, contained in a ready, single-serving unit.  They come in a range of varieties, flavors, roasts and blend options. (Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa)


You can also use a reuseable “My K-Cup”.  It’s a filter that allows you to use your own special store-bought grinds (by the way, have you seen the special coffee bean selection at Kean Coffee lately?)


Once the machine has warmed up, insert your K-Cup into it’s slot


and select the strength of your brew.  Plop your mug under the spout and within 20 to 60 seconds the 192 degree beverage is ready. We are used to STRONG freshly roasted brewed coffee.  With the espresso setting the coffee strength we love is still there.  Why did we switch from a brewed pot?  For one, no messy clean up.  Two, the ingenious K-cups have great flavors and seem to keep their freshness quite nicely.  The no prep, no waiting, no cleanup; and how everyone gets to select their K-cup flavor had me thinking why I hadn’t  bought one of these babies years ago?

Check this out. At this particular moment I was hankering for some ice tea. English black tea was the K-cup, the setting was for an espresso.


Viola, moments later – iced tea.


Not bad…. not bad at all.



  1. I have been wanting one of these for quite some time now. It is now on the top of the Christmas List! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love this, it’s become very popular in our office at work. Great variety

  3. OOOH- looks like fun!

  4. I just bought my first Keurig.. and “I Love IT”… My old coffee maker is now out with the old and in with the new!!!… I wished they made this years ago.. all the coffee that I wasted.. I can now save…

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