The Shark and Daphney the Beagle

shark 003The garage was a pitiful sticky mess.  Seven-up and melted popsicle puddles were EVERYWHERE.  Furthermore, dust, fur, and carbon emissions had layered themselves on top of the food glue.  Day after day.

I don’t really care for dirty messes.  They make me nervous.  It’s an affliction.

When the garage floor gets unbearable, I break out the industrial broom, hose with power nozzle and Palmolive soap.  Scrubbing and sanitizing the garage floor becomes an obsession.  Partly, because the three beagles dine out there.  I realize this is somewhat of the problem, but it needs to be clean or else I go bananas.  Last time I scoured, about 2 months ago, there was a slip and fall incident.  My knee cap took on my entire 100+ pounds.  Cue tears and heinous purple bruising.  I swear it was broken for a few days.  Not nice.

This morning the garage floor was, once again abominable.  Bad, I tell ya. Sticky + grease stains + gosh who knows what = dirt anxiety.  Time for a sterilization.

What to do?  My knee cap was quivering.

Thankfully, the last time I was at Costco, my knee cap saw a Shark Steamer.  She said, “buy this, and hey be a little more careful with that slick coated garage surface in your cleaning operation”.  I laid down the hard cold cash and drove my Shark home.

Daphney did the first Shark inspection and gave it a nod of approval.  A photo of the dirty floor is not available since it would make you nauseous.  I had some serious work to do. 

shark 005shark 007

Here are a few captures after the sanitization.

shark 001shark 002

Spic and Span. Daphney is still in awe. Can’t you tell?

The Shark is an awesome cleaning tool.  It is small, lightweight, and has a swivel head making it easy to maneuver.  The cord is a mile long so you don’t have to stop to replug every few minutes.

It quickly picked up the average surface stains; old Seven-Up.  While tougher stains, grease plus muckity muck, came right out after leaving the Shark to steam the spot for a few extra seconds in scrubbing mode.  It picked up dirt, dust and light spills quickly and the steam evaporates almost instantly from the floor.  No more garage slip and fall incidents.  I was so thrilled, I switched pads and brought it inside to use on the hardwood.  It was dreamy.  The pads (included) are machine-washable and can be used many times. Makes you feel so GREEN.

All in all, it was a great buy. My knee cap is relieved.

Thank you Ms. Jessica for the recommendation!

Have a great weekend lovely friends.



  1. I have been thinking about getting one of those for my hardwood floors that never seem to get clean enough! I’m glad to know someone who has used it and approves! Thanks Daphney! and Kathleen! 😉

  2. Kathleen, Daphney looks good, good job on the doggie diet. She is still a beauty!

    • Kathleen says

      Thanks Julie!!! A beagle on a diet is a challenge to say the least. Ice cubes are now called “cookies”. She comes running when the refrigerator is dispensing.


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