Organizing Bender

Home Organizing-003We designate a separate space in our home for school/art supplies.  Crayons, colored pencils, sticker, envelopes, tape, et al – live in a kitchen cabinet.  It’s a place that the entire Tribe uses.  When certain people, who shall stay name-less, don’t respect Momma’s organization, the cabinet turns into a disaster.  When it becomes this unruly, the creative juices screech to a halt.  Can you find a red crayon in that mess?  I think not.  Something had to be done.  An organizing bender was about to go down.

Enter last weeks summer project.  With all hands on deck, the space was to be put back together.  Getting everyone involved was the goal, in hopes the little people would have ownership of this organization.  Then do their part in keeping it tidy.  Are your fingers crossed too?

Home Organizing-011

First line of business. Yank everything out.

Home Organizing-006

We had some big work to do.  Let’s grab a large trash bags.

On-your-marks, get-set, go.

Home Organizing-025

2 Hours Later.

shall we zoom in?

Home Organizing-018Home Organizing-016Home Organizing-015Home Organizing-014

SO much better.

Now, if I could just get this bag out of the house…

Home Organizing-026

without anyone trying to “save” something.

I’ll let you know how long the neat and tidy lasts.

Have a fun mid-summer week.



  1. Now that is a cabinet full of creativity waiting to happen!

  2. Ha ha ha, they ALWAYS try to “save” something. Goodluck getting the bag to the street! My thoughts are with you.

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