White on Rice the Couple ~ Star Party


Hello Friends.  I have a few nice things to share today. Before we do, cialis I wanted to let you know, sovaldi I’m doing okay.  Losing Grammie has been quite difficult.  Mostly, it has felt as if someone punched my ribs, knocking the wind out.  This feeling comes when I’m alone, left to my own […]

These are My Girls

I have two videos to share today.  I hope they brighten your day with a smile and/or giggle. First up. The Sparklecorn Party at Blogher in San Diego: Night Dos. There is just something about witnessing hundreds of women, medicine dressed to “sparkle”, prescription dancing with complete and total abandon, having the time of their […]

What NOT to Wear to a FlashMob

I know. I know. This post is supposed to be about what I wore last week.  A recap of fashion sorts.  Well, today is special.  BLOGHER special.  I do wish to capture the attire from last week, but I also want to heed a warning.  A bold warning. What NOT to Wear to a FlashMob   […]

BlogHer Operation Glory – Mission Accomplished

I have yet to write a bucket list.  I know.  It’s something that has been in the back of my mind for some time.  I just need to get it down on paper.  In the mean time, I would love to share an entry that I just marked complete. #4 FLASH MOB. For a little back […]

GM Cars and Orange County Housewives

Earlier this month, prescription for sale a few Orange County Housewives (read bloggers) were selected to test drive GM’s current line of 2011 vehicles.  The creative mind of Marcy Masurra seized this opportunity to round us up and shoot a short video.  The video was meant to be a light-hearted way of highlighting what we enjoyed about these […]

Pet Therapy at CHOC Hospital in Orange County

19 years old Jeremy was sitting in his bed with various tubes attached to his wiry frame.  His dyed green hair from last week was now a distant memory.  He wore a red cap to cover a bald head.  The cap had a white paw print on it, which he pointed to and smiled, “I’ve […]

La Costa Resort and Spa & The San Diego Momfia

The gardens were in full bloom, the San Diego sun was shining, and the pools were shimmering. And the food. Oh the food. Last weekend The San Diego Momfia was invited to experience the newly remodeled and renovated La Costa Resort and Spa.  Mi Amiga, Courtney, and I packed our bags. We were off to […]

Silhouettes from Love & Victory {Shop Talk}

I discovered Meg Moorhouse of Love & Victory from a giveaway on A Cup of Jo this past week.   Meg makes beautiful jewelry and custom silhouettes.  After landing on her site, I had a childhood flash back….. Here I am circa 1976. When I was a wee sprite, my Mom had silhouettes made of her […]

Blogging Boot Camp San Diego Part Deux

Continued from yesterday…. here is Blogging Boot Camp San Diego Part Deux. I would like to share with you a list jammed packed full of what I learned last weekend at the Sits Girls Bloogy Bootcamp Conference.  There was so much information.  This post could go on and on and on. But that would be boring.  […]