All Hail The Bloggers Help Desk

nuclearIt was the day my site almost came to a blogging deadend. Yes, stuff fresh off a completely relaxing Spring Break vacay.

I was stuck. REALLY STUCK.

A word that rhymes with stuck was living rent free upstairs most of the day. Until The Bloggers Help Desk came to the rescue.

Let’s back up. {I’ll go on record that this post is techie rich. Feel free to navigate elsewhere. I understand it’s boring stuff to many}  You see, back when I started this little ole blog. I was Hosted through  Last year when I switched over to be Self-Hosted, I had to transfer my blog, domain name included ( to a hosting company. Dreamhost and GoDaddy were my partners of choice. While my friend Suzie from Zee Studios held my hand every step of the way.

During that time we ran into one glitch. Through an upgrade I purchased through, my domain name remained and belonged to until the upgrade expired. Suzie helped me work around this at the time and my self-hosted site launched. Remember that day?

Fast forward to yesterday. Two things. Suzie was no longer available. A baby had arrived and my domain name expired on In a cavalier thought, I could just log on to GoDaddy and snag my domain name.

Proceed as usual.  No Problemo.

Yeah. That turned out to be a pipe dream.

My blog was about to disintegrate. Joe-Blow in the Ukraine could grab my site’s name, own it, and everything would all be over as we know it.

sarah kimmelThrough the grape-vine I had heard of Sarah Kimmel. Words like, wizard – techie goddess – blog medium – genius always followed her name.

Was I worthy? Was this site worthy? Anxiety was settling in.

I raised the white flag and reached out to her.

She was there. Swift, fast and precise. I knew I was in the right hands by the questions she was asking and the quick GoDaddy “change of domain” acknowledgements Gmail was providing.

By 9pm the dust had settled and all was well. She rode off into the sunset.

With a large sigh of relief, I am still here with you today.

Thank you Sarah.

So to spread the word. Here is who you need to put in your blogging Rolodex if you get into a pickle OR just need a helping hand:

Sarah Kimmel

WEBSITE: The Bloggers Help Desk

Facebook: Tech4mommies

Twitter: Tech4moms

Google+: Technology For Moms

technology for moms

The Blogger Help Desk she has created is something everyone in social media should know about.

She lived up to every adjective I had heard about her on the streets.

Thank you Sarah, I owe you one.

Big Time.



  1. Wow, what a great resource! I use Susie too (who I LOVE!!!) and have had a hard time getting a hold of her since the baby sometimes, so the blogger help desk sounds like an awesome tool. Thanks for sharing, girl!

    • Mary, I was ALMOST hesitant to go public with The Bloggers Help Desk because I wanted to keep it all to my self. Quite selfish of me, I know. But that would be very bad Blogging Karma. Because of friends like you, I knew I had to share. ~xo

  2. Sarah is the bomb!!! She fixes all my hot messes!!! And she is originally an Orange County gal too….Someday we will rescue her from Utah!
    Julie {Angry Julie Monday} recent posted..Insta-Friday: The sickness edition

    • Julie, I think I have a new girl crush. She exceeded my expectations to infinity and beyond! How great would it be if Sarah was still a local friend. I would take her to the movies and buy her a feed bag of popcorn and all the candy she desired 😉

  3. Hilary Khill says

    I so needed this resource. So glad you shared and that everything worked out!

  4. I was just thinking about this the other day, what I would do in an emergency. The funny thing is I’ve heard Sarah’s name around the blog-o-sphere but never really connected her to, um, technology for moms, as in helping us out in a jam. Thanks for the info!
    Laural Out Loud recent posted..The Relief That Nutella Is Meatless, It Was Mighty

    • In the past, I also heard she helped out “on the fly”. I had even bounced a few issues off her in the past via twitter. Luckily I figured it out before needing to bring in the “special forces”. Since then she has embarked on a Blogger Help Desk, she is going to be über successful.

      Spread the word, she deserves it!

  5. Feeling SO much love in this post and comments. Seriously feel so lucky to work with wonderful people! Thanks for the super kind words!
    Sarah Kimmel {Tech4Moms} recent posted..Colca Sac Case Review

  6. Thanks for the head’s up! I’ve got her bookmarked…I’m sure I’ll need her!

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