Justin Timberlake with a side of JZ

If you can get some tickets to the Justin Timberlake/JZ experience. SET LIST “Holy Grail” (Jay-Z) “Rock Your Body” (Timberlake) “I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)” (Jay-Z) “Izzo (H.O.V.A.)” (Jay-Z) “Excuse Me Miss” (Jay-Z) “Señorita” (Timberlake) “On To The Next One” (Jay-Z) “Like I Love You” (Timberlake) “My Love” (Timberlake) “Big Pimpin’” […]

Because You Asked

My girl Lindsey tagged me for a blogging chain interview a while back. Answering Lindsey’s questions gave me room for pause. I needed to think about my responses. Precisely what should share – let it all hang out or keep it close to the vest? Needless to say this has been a work in progress. […]

Never Be Bored Again with Tori Spelling

Burbank, California was a happening place last Tuesday. A little on the warm side, but well worth it.  Dressed in pre-labor day white jeans, I grabbed the big girl  camera, jumped in the car, cruised up the 5 freeway to join in some Never Be Bored Again festivities with Tori Spelling. For the back story, […]

Mid Summer 2012

Hello Friends. How is your summer treating you? I hope your days have been chalked full of ice cream sundaes, slip-n-slides, and sheer coatings of sand on your flip-flops. Our summer has been a combo platter of good and not so good. The difficult stuff? Well, it began with He Had Been Hit By a […]

All Hail The Bloggers Help Desk

It was the day my site almost came to a blogging deadend. Yes, stuff fresh off a completely relaxing Spring Break vacay. I was stuck. REALLY STUCK. A word that rhymes with stuck was living rent free upstairs most of the day. Until The Bloggers Help Desk came to the rescue. Let’s back up. {I’ll […]

Food From My Frontier by Ree Drummond

Ree Drummond is also known as The Pioneer Woman. She is the wife of a rugged sexy chaps wearing cowboy (all those adjectives are correct) and mother of four fun-loving children on The Drummond Ranch in Oklahoma. She has horse, and sometimes cow, poop on her front porch more times than she likes to admit.  […]

Joy the Baker – you done did good.

I subscribe to her blog, read it daily and love everything she does. Her creative eye and recipes are out of this world. They fall in the magical category.  Remember the glorious Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread and then the Brie Bites last December I posted about?  You guessed it, both from Joy. She is a self-taught cook who lives in Venice, California. […]

A Lovely Life Recipe for 2012

Dear Todd, rx Diane and Sierra {aka White on Rice Couple}, Your video is everything I wish to dedicate and share with my family and friends this first day of 2012. It is beautiful and brings tears to my eyes.  Happy loving tears. In 2012, I look forward to spending time with you and all those who nourish, […]

Whirlwind Weekend Recap with Duran Duran and Neon Trees


Press Passes for the Duran Duran and Neon Trees concert in San Diego.  We had them; Lindsey from Modchik Photography and myself. The purpose of the Press Pass was to capture photos of fans for Duran Duran’s social media team.  These photos were then to be posted on Duran Duran’s Facebook Page.   The only interesting twist […]