And the winner is

for the Rachael Rossman Pet Portrait Giveaway, case Comment #21 Congratulations Kelly Ann T.  Please email me your contact information at Ksugarandspice @ Gmail (dot) com to collect your prize. Congratulations, PSST…. Any reader who mentions Ksugarandspice will receive 15% off your Rachael Rossman order until the end of August. Click HERE to shop.

Rachael Rossman Pet Portrait Giveaway

GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED Sugar and Spice began in an attempt to share photos and stories about our two adopted Beagles as well as keep Beagle Breeders updated about the co-owned Daphney.  She is related to Uno the Beagle, if you’re scratching your head, you can check this out, I’ll wait.  Yes.  She has fancy DNA. Furthermore, […]

I strive to be the person my dog thinks I am

Maddox – Dapheny – Buddy 9yo – 1.8yo – 10yo Maddox Always searching for food He likes his alone time, pilule usually on a high perch. The paw curl, viagra it always gets me. Maddox the King. He just wants you to pet him. A lot. And he will purr in delight. Daphney Wants to […]

4th of July Recap

The Beagle Brigade was not happy about Canine Camp. We were off to Huntington Beach for…… No training wheels Food and Friendships Ice Cream Runs Gin Rummy Long awaited victories 5k and Parade on Pacific Coast Highway Hammocks and Lemonade Sunshine all over Elvis Music at 6am Growing up Relaxation and fireworks from the balcony […]

The Shark and Daphney the Beagle

The garage was a pitiful sticky mess.  Seven-up and melted popsicle puddles were EVERYWHERE.  Furthermore, dust, fur, and carbon emissions had layered themselves on top of the food glue.  Day after day. I don’t really care for dirty messes.  They make me nervous.  It’s an affliction. When the garage floor gets unbearable, I break out the […]

A Beagle Brigade Update

Here is a quick update on the Beagle Brigade.  Daphney is wearing a diaper.  Not a plastic one, online a rugged denim one made especially for dogs. Yes, it is that time of the year.  We have opted to pass on this breeding opportunity for it would make for a summer calendar mess.  Puppies would […]

Lessons in Life

Lessons in Life via The Beagle Brigade Be happy to see those you love The power of a compliment Play Say I’m sorry Include everyone Show your joy Nap Let your needs be known Be loyal Share Have a favorite toy Don’t hold a grudge Be supportive Protect and defend those you love What you […]

Favorite Canine Products for the Beagle Brigade

  I run a tight ship with the Beagles.  I have to. They out number me.  Furthermore since they sleep with us they must be uber clean.  When Buddy decides to roll in a mound of dirt trying to resemble a chocolate Labrador, I DRAW THE LINE. It’s shower time.  I’ll start with a few products […]

Wordless Sorta Wednesday: Daphney Photo Update

I’ve been looking at my calendar lately trying to plan for summer vacations, see trips and the like.  When to my wondrous eye should appear, check Daphney will be “ready” to get married this May. Which of course, pills after her Honeymoon, will lead to a litter of Champion Beagle Puppies come July/August –ish. Oh […]