Election Night

It’s election night and everyone is anxious. Checking their phones, sale text messaging  and hovering around cable news channels.  Why does it always boil to to FLORIDA?

I don’t watch the news. Gave it up cold turkey after 911. All that doom and gloom weighted too heavy on my daily life; made me bonkers. Walking away and not allowing those channels in our home brings this Mama peace.

However, no rx there are a few that still get super anxious in our basecamp. His name is Buddy. The blanket sucker.

VP town center halloween-003

He is waiting for someone to quickly click over to a MSNBC type channel so he can get his fix. Romney or Obama for goodness sakes people.

On to less anxious things. Papa celebrated his birthday, store chocolate cake style.

Papas Birthday-091

That recipe is next. Okay?

Inside Out German Chocolate Cake (17 of 17)

Halloween then came and went. We had a Blue Crayon, Ninja and Super Woman.

Halloween VP Town Center 009Halloween VP Town Center 008Halloween Night 2012 038

Then there was this guy. Mr. Hurley, he sure knows how to rock a Halloween Party. Good times. What else do I have for you?

VPE Halloween 2012 062

Pumpkins were tortured.

Black Nights Soccer-0730

Soccer games were sweated.

NCL Fashion Show 2012-1377

Fashion Shows were shot in the dark. Thank you 50mm 1.2, thank you.

Kendall Holiday 2012-0917Yarter Holiday 2012-1621

Finally, some quality time was spent with these two adorable families. It’s holiday card time dontcha know. And this lady is busy.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who has been ultra supportive of my new photography site. Click HERE if you want to check it out. Supportive people are my kinda folks. I love ya.

Group hug,



  1. I love your photography so much! That pic of Morgan in the red dress is one of my all time favorites!!! Amazing. You are ubertalented my friend! Happy Election night!
    Jen [Tiny Oranges] recent posted..Ticket Discount for The Christmas Company

  2. I too, am glad things will be settlilng down! Enough of the mudslinging and lets get back to the love!!! 🙂 I also share your feelings about 9/11…to this day I cannot watch documenteries or footage of that unforgettable day. 🙁 On a lighter note, the chocolate cake looks scrumdiliumptious!!! I do have a choco-holic living in my house you know!! 😉

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