10 Things I Want My Kids to Know

10 things I want my kids to know, in no particular order:

buddy beagle

You are smart


You are beautiful

Beagles Nov2 021

No one else will ever make you happy,

only you can make you happy.

Le pain and Beagles 019

Be yourself, don’t go changing to fit in.

maddox and daphney snuggle-090

Be kind and compassionate to everyone.

Beagle Brigade 10-11-035

Hard work pays off.

Beagle Brigade 10-11-031

Always be there for the people you love.

Beagle Brigade 10-11-027

Stay mentally and physically active.

daphney glasses 003

Read everything, then choose what you wish to believe.

And lastly,

Beagle Brigade night time -084

Mama loves you.


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