I strive to be the person my dog thinks I am

Maddox – Dapheny – Buddy 9yo – 1.8yo – 10yo Maddox Always searching for food He likes his alone time, pilule usually on a high perch. The paw curl, viagra it always gets me. Maddox the King. He just wants you to pet him. A lot. And he will purr in delight. Daphney Wants to […]

4th of July Recap

The Beagle Brigade was not happy about Canine Camp. We were off to Huntington Beach for…… No training wheels Food and Friendships Ice Cream Runs Gin Rummy Long awaited victories 5k and Parade on Pacific Coast Highway Hammocks and Lemonade Sunshine all over Elvis Music at 6am Growing up Relaxation and fireworks from the balcony […]

The Shark and Daphney the Beagle

The garage was a pitiful sticky mess.  Seven-up and melted popsicle puddles were EVERYWHERE.  Furthermore, dust, fur, and carbon emissions had layered themselves on top of the food glue.  Day after day. I don’t really care for dirty messes.  They make me nervous.  It’s an affliction. When the garage floor gets unbearable, I break out the […]