Spring Break Palm Desert Style

The kids are out of school on Spring Break, viagra Palm Desert was calling.

Palm Desert is only an hour and a half away from the OC (without traffic).

Once you arrive, with the weather and the feel of the resort, you could have been in Hawaii, Cabo, or Florida.

But we were right in our California back yard.

Would you care to join us?

Please, come along.

Rancho Las Palmas-009

Right before you arrive to Palm Springs/Palm Desert along Interstate 10, there is a windmill farm. It generates enough electricity to power the entire city of Palm Springs and some of the surrounding area. It is also one of the coolest places to drive through. I handed my camera to the oldest to she snap a few. Pretty good, dontcha think?

Rancho Las Palmas-034

Arrival and children’s laughter. Can’t you hear it?

Rancho Las Palmas-042

Friendships. They hold hands because they want to.

Rancho Las Palmas-055

Pool Side libation, if that is your thing.

Rancho Las Palmas-064

Golf Cart Parades

Rancho Las Palmas 109

Snow Cones

Rancho Las Palmas-094

There is no such thing as calories on vacation.

Rancho Las Palmas-167Rancho Las Palmas-168

The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.

Let’s discuss.

It is the world’s largest rotating Tramcar that journeys up a really sheer cliff from 2,643 ft. to 8,516 ft. in ten minutes. Yeah, it’s not for the faint of heart or those afraid of heights. Especially when you cross over one of the three support towers.

Bouncy Bouncy.

Rancho Las Palmas-221

But if you don’t pass out from the trill ride up, the mountain station has crystal clean air with the bluest ski on the planet.

Rancho Las Palmas-204

At this time of year it is 38 degrees with SNOW.

Rancho Las Palmas-394

An hour later, we had come down off the cliff to rejoin our 85 degrees to lounge.

Rancho Las Palmas 311Rancho Las Palmas 447

Play on the water slide and

Rancho Las Palmas-352

float in a lazy river.

Rancho Las Palmas-397Rancho Las Palmas-491

As the sun sets, dinner choices are decided upon.

Rancho Las Palmas-515

Kobe was the choice tonight.

Rancho Las Palmas-087

With bellies full, it’s lights out.

Rancho Las Palmas-106

To repeat all over again in the morning.

Hope you have a relaxing spring break.


We stayed at Rancho Las Palmas in Palm Desert. Thanks for all the recommendations friends ~xo


  1. Libation. He’ll yes. Join you next time! Great photos.


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