Picture Day Project 365 {Days 74 to 87}

Seventy Four 3/16 Shellac Seventy Five 3/17 Tooth Fairy Seventy Six 3/18  me so pretty   Seventy Seven 3/19 Bahia Seventy Eight 3/20 Une Amie Seventy Nine 3/21 Unforgettable Eighty 3/22 I’m sorry Eighty One  3/23 Neighbors Eighty Two 3/24 Pizzeria Ortica Eighty Three  3/25 Daffodil Eighty Four 3/26 lines Eighty Five 3/27 – Sous Chef Eighty Six […]

Pear Torte Recipe

This recipe marks a year of blogging.  It has been an amazing ride. For my readers that were around last year, remember that Feta Caramelized Onion Tart Recipe for my friends potluck party?  Click HERE for a refresher or if you would like the recipe. Well this year I was asked to help out again.  […]

Blogging Boot Camp San Diego Part Deux

Continued from yesterday…. here is Blogging Boot Camp San Diego Part Deux. I would like to share with you a list jammed packed full of what I learned last weekend at the Sits Girls Bloogy Bootcamp Conference.  There was so much information.  This post could go on and on and on. But that would be boring.  […]

Pink Laundry {Shop Talk for OC Family}

Pink Laundry Clothing Boutique is one of my favorite local Orange County clothing boutiques.  They have two stores; one in Newport Coast, sickness the other in Villa Park. Both are owned by this charming family duo Bethany Herms and her mother-in-law, Susan Herms.  Bethany is the clothing buyer.  She has exquisite taste.  My personal closet […]

Camp San Diego

Bloggy Boot Camp in San Diego with my blogging peeps this past Saturday was exceptional.  The speakers.  The Bloggers.  The Sponsors.  The Friends.  All a wonderful mix.  I think I’m going to make Camp San Diego a series this week since there are stacks of good things to share. To begin with Lindsey (aka The Modchik) and […]

Homemade Tacos

This is Quinn and I sixteen years ago. We became friends seven years prior to this photo.  We were two sorority sisters dating two fellas from Sigma Nu.  Well, no rx those two fellas proposed and became our DH’s.  The wedding photo above was a month after my DH and I tied the knot. When […]

Pico de Gallo

This recipe can last up to 3 days refrigerated in a covered container if it makes it that long. Ever since I started making this Pico de Gallo, cialis store bought salsa has become unappetizing. I call this “Pico Salsa” because Mexican Salsas can range from pico de gallo, which contains chopped tomatoes, onions and cilantro, to salsa […]

Project 365 {Days 67 to 73}

3/9 Sea Shells By the Sea Shore 3/10 Pink 3/11 Popsicles 3/12 Saturday nite 3/13 needs help 3/14 Daphney 3/15 Spring

Bootcamp with Mark and Kelly

Beyond all the photography and recipes post lately, I’ve been working on my lady lumps.  You see, the waist line has been expanding in the last 9 months.  No silly, not from pregnancy.  It’s from my oversized calorie intake during Ode to Summer, followed by a sedentary Fall/Winter recovering from Play Dates at the Hospital.  […]