Blogging Boot Camp San Diego Part Deux

Continued from yesterday…. here is Blogging Boot Camp San Diego Part Deux.

I would like to share with you a list jammed packed full of what I learned last weekend at the Sits Girls Bloogy Bootcamp Conference.  There was so much information.  This post could go on and on and on. But that would be boring.  Instead, I am going to crystalize my experiences with The SITStahood. {For those reading who do not understanding that SITStahood thing; it’s a group of more than 8,000 women bloggers dedicated to supporting one another}

1. “That is Most Personal is Most Universal ”  Ashley Stock {akaLittle Miss Momma} I loved this quote and Ashley, they both stuck with me.


2. Here is a great place to find FREE blog templates, background etc. via Ashley Stock {aka Little Miss Momma} This was just one of the great sites she shared.


3. To see how views and then uses Key Words in your post, check out Google Ad Words. Also for those who are self hosted a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Plugin to consider is Yoast.  {Via Francesca and Tiffany; founders of Sits.} I realize that this is totally techie talk, just bear with me because…..


4. A L E R T   M A K E -U P  F I N D:  Christian Dior – Dior Iconic Mascara.   This stuff is near miraculous. I was able to sample it on Saturday. The formula is unlike any other I’ve played with. I’m currently a Shemura Waterproof card carrying member, but this Dior formula, lengthens, curls, and thickens like magic. Then dries instantly and does not smudge or transfer under your eyes by noon.  It easily comes off with gentle soap and water. Terrific Stuff. Oh yes, I must not forget, the fabulous Tiffany turned me on to this delightful find last month HEREMerci Beaucoup!


5. Next, via Mary {aka Mama Mary Show} If you are going to make a Vlog use YouTube. Be sure to place the camera at eye level and don’t wear white/red/black or patterns. Pay attention to your lighting. Make it only 3 to 4 minutes, any longer can be yawn city.  Finally be sure to add your URL in the description area of your video. Can’t wait to see your well edited flip camera from the After Party Mary.


6. Alas, my brackets in the ole March Madness Pool are not looking so good.  I had such high hopes. I really really really wanted a little cash in my pocket to spend on some killer spring shoes like these.  Thanks Sugar and Rebekah for the uber great taste. (aka Sugar in the Raw and A Blissful Nest)

7. Let your writing sing by finding your voice via Deane Handy. What a funny and smart lady.


8. Smart and Final can sponsor a lovely lunch. Everything is just simply better with cheesecake.

9. Via Amy Bradley Hole, Lisa Leonard, Francesca and Tiffany; have your Social Media Resume in your back pocket at all times. Be ready to work with brands or the media, when they come a-knockin.


10. The Mirassou Family is a fun wine family. Have you tried their dessert wine? Good Livin’. David Mirassou is a sixth generation wine maker. We all loved the story about Henrietta bringing the family wine cuttings to California.  Read more about their wine story HERE.


11. I am devastated I didn’t have my photo taken with HOP.  He was in the next room over on a Blue Screen.  I was so mesmerized by the flights of wine from Mirrasou, I plum forgot to grab some friends and ham it up for a Easter Photo. Who is Hop?  You know, it’s that cute little bunny in the movie HOP by UNIVERSAL PICTURES. Check out the movies website for fun stuff to do with your little people. The other generous sponsors were the UPS Store, Invisalign, and Smart and Final. They all spoiled us rotten.


linz and momma12. To finish off the weekend. Lindsey {AKA the Modchik) had talked about an extremely memorable ice cream/coffee/whip cream milk shake from her days in Ocean Beach a few years back. Lindsey is standing in the photo to the right next to Mama Kat, (the perfect Tall-Off huh, both are over 6 feet) Low and behold-eth friends, we found the place by sheer coincidence.  If you are in the area, try Zanzibar’s Coffee Milk Shake.  I wish I had ordered two.  Zanzibar is located in the heart of Pacific Beach at 976 Garnet Avenue on the corner of Cass Street. Hours of Operation: Sunday through Thursday 6:30 A.M until 9:00 P.M, Friday & Saturday 6:30 A.M until 10:00 P.M.

Thanks Sits Friends for making Camp San Diego Bloggy Boot Camp so informative and as always so much darn fun. Check out more photos from the weekend over at Flickr. Here is the link, feel free to add your own, .

Until we meet again,


kat bbcsd


  1. Love that shoe shot and you may see it pop up on my recap post!! Oh how I miss all this already. Guess will just have to come party crash in August with you again.

  2. Have I mentioned that you are stunning? WOW!
    And so is your blog.
    and this post makes me happy.
    and i wish i was still in SD.

  3. and that is a rather “interesting ” picture of me, for lack of a better term, lol

  4. YOu are gorgeous! So glad we go to hang out, albeit briefly. You are a darling bottle of energy and motivation and I love it!

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