Project 365 {Day 60 to Day 66}

3/2  My Shadow 3/3 Quite 3/4 Hello 3/5 Gardeners 3/6 Curls for 3/6 Tiramisu 3/7  Rain? 3/8 Chokes  

Spring Trends and Nordstrom In-Store Pick Up

It’s still a cold, rainy, but that hasn’t stopped designers from releasing their spring lines.  You can get your closet prepared by adding a few pf these Spring pieces to your wardrobe.   This season the inspiration comes from the past.  Yes.  We’re going back to the seventies! ’70s-inspired pieces have made their way into stores.  […]

Award Winning Omelet; Pancetta, Sauteed Mushrooms, Feta Cheese and Chives

DH’s favorite meal is Breakfast.  Because of this, nurse eggs have been on my mind lately.  In case you missed the last egg recipe, store you can find it  HERE . At brunch a while back, can’t remember where, I half hazardly put together an omelet.  It was from an omelet stations were you request your ingredients like […]

Favorite Canine Products for the Beagle Brigade

  I run a tight ship with the Beagles.  I have to. They out number me.  Furthermore since they sleep with us they must be uber clean.  When Buddy decides to roll in a mound of dirt trying to resemble a chocolate Labrador, I DRAW THE LINE. It’s shower time.  I’ll start with a few products […]

Project 365 {Days 53 to 59}

{Day 53} 2/23 Ivories {Day 54} 2/24 Cold Storm {Day 54} 2/24 Vinegar and Oil {Day 55} 2/25 Mi Amiga {Day 55} 2/25 Hearts {Day 56} 2/26 Lobster Roll {Day 56} 2/26 Goldeneye {Day 57} 2/27 Warmth {Day 58} 2/28 Piggy {DAY 59} 3/1 Walkies