OC FAMILY POST ~ Need a Swimsuit that Fits Properly? Try {Intimacy}

At the end of 2010 I was over the moon when OC Family Magazine came a-knocking.  They were inquiring about the possibility of me contributing to OC family to “spotlight OC boutiques, products or themes each week”. Since shopping is my “happy” place and I love OC Family Magazine, there was an enthusiastic yes. {Insert jumpy claps} From now on I’ll be […]

A Pinteresting 2011 Vision Board.

Photo Credit Wiley Valentine Pinterest. Have you heard of it? For those looking for a dynamic way to track your ideas, check photos & links that catch your eye online (always attributing images to their original source) and perusing the interests of others, cheap you are going to love Pinterest. In keeping with a bulletin […]

Project 365 {Day 5 thru 25}

Time for a little housekeeping.  Here is an update to the 365 Project.  {One photo a day in 2011} Can I do it? Only time will tell.  Day Five ~ Bruxie Waffles     Day Six ~  Jealous?   Day Seven ~ The Calm after the Storm      Day Eight ~ Kingpin   Day Nine ~ Daphney […]

Two New iPhone Apps to Love

Here is a lovely little alternative to a quick ‘plain jane’ text or email. Think of it as a mini message you can easily send to anyone in your address book.  You can become the peak of chic while making GNO plans, ailment play dates and coffee breaks. The application has over 60 backgrounds to […]

Gifts for Wine Lovers

With Valentines day right around the corner I thought I might share some gift ideas for the wine lover in your life. Here at the compound we have opened many bottles of wine through the years.   Because of this DH and I have A LONG LIST of wine opening contraptions that do not work, break, […]

Wordless Wednesday {Bruxie Waffles in Orange}

Welcome to the NEW Sugar and Spice…and Everything Nice

We are back up and running  friends. After a week of tinkering with HTML code, learning Adobe Illustrator, and redesigning the bandages have come off. Hope you like the new and improved look. What else is new here at Sugar and Spice… and Everything Nice? Allow me to give you a short tour. But first let me send […]

Beagle Pics – So Past Due

        They are all terrific. Maddox’s paw has healed but holy beegebez he needs to be on ‘The Biggest Loser’. Dang he is sneaky when it comes to stealing food. Buddy is still sweet as candy and very polite as always. Unless you try to cross one of his pack members {us}. […]

The beginning: Project 365 Days of Photography {Days 1 thru 4}

Time moves quickly. Change is constant. Whether it’s children growing, dogs learning tricks, fashion, delicious food and drinks, or plain good times; recording one photo per day for a whole year will give a rich visual history of life here in Orange County, California. And I’m here to share it with you. To begin with here are the first 4 days […]