A Pinteresting 2011 Vision Board.


Photo Credit Wiley Valentine

Pinterest. Have you heard of it?

For those looking for a dynamic way to track your ideas, check photos & links that catch your eye online (always attributing images to their original source) and perusing the interests of others, cheap you are going to love Pinterest.

In keeping with a bulletin board concept, medical users create “Pinboards” devoted to specific personal interests. You can invite collaborators to contribute to your particular board, and you may subscribe to others’ to create a visual catalog of what floats your boat. Or you can keep your board as your very own personal filing cabinet.

Pinterest is different in that it not only holds web findings, it also is a place for brilliant inspiration. The content people bring to Pinterest is multi-dimensional where each user shares their own style and aesthetics.  It also organizes each contributors creative ‘pins’ which in turn makes it simple to seek and find specific topics to enjoy. Be carfeful, you can spend hours there.

Yes, I do use my Google Reader for Bookmarking. But since I subscribe to a mountain of blogs, it was becoming difficult to circle back when I wanted to find certain posts. You know, the one you’ve  ‘starred’ to read later or better yet emailed back to yourself for safe keeping. Now with a Pinterest icon on my toolbar,  I can pin the photo from The Steamy Kitchen’s Tiramisu Pancakes by clicking on the photo, then linking it to my Pinterest Recipe Board.


Both the Photo and Website Link (to that I have to try it recipe) are captured and organized within my Pinterest profile.

You can use Pinterest Boards to make wish lists, collections of books for future reading,  inspiring art, collect recipes, capture fashion styles, travel destinations, the world is your oyster.

Today, I’ll share with you a snap shot of a Pinterest Board created as my personal 2011 Vision Board. It is a grouping of aspirations and focuses for the year. Think of it as New Years Resolutions for the visually inclined.

Vision Board 2011


Since the board above comes across quite tiny, here are a few close ups.

clean motherlanddesign-blogspothouse beautiful design idearead more

Organize and Clean ~ Design Ideas for the Living Room ~ Read More

{motherlanddesign.blogspot.com ~ housebeautiful.com }

puppies on their waybuiltins houzz-com

Raising a Litter of Puppies ~ Family Room Built-ins

{vi.sualize.us  ~ houzz.com}


Daily Mantras;

especially Cuddle Me Like You’ll Never Grow Up

and Give Like You Have Plenty.


 If this site sounds Pinteresting. Head on over and request an invitation to join the party. When your confirmation email arrives be prepared to jump down that rabbit hole. I look forward to seeing you there!



  1. How fun Kathleen! Thanks for sharing info on Pinterest. You will see me on the site soon… while eating Tiramisu Pancakes! 😉

  2. I’m OBSESSED with pinterest! I’ve never found so many incredible images in one place. I can sift through all of the pins for hours upon hours and never get bored 🙂


  3. I never thought to use it for a vision board! What a fantastic idea!!

  4. Lindsey (aka modchik) says

    uh oh a new distraction for me me…

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