All Good Dogs Deserve These Treats

Check out these wonderful New Doggie accessories at Crate and Barrel. 

They make your four legged friends feel a little more part of the family.

"Woof" Treat Jar 


Stripe Dog Blanket


Houndstooth Large Dog Bed


Bone Large Dog Collar


Red Large Dog Bowl


Woof Dog Lead

And my Favorite:


Set of 4 Dog Bone Toys

set of 4 Dog Bone Toys for $39.80

20100315_5913IMG_0325    Daphney ENGE-8691 


 Enjoy your weekend friends.


kathleen sign grey



  1. Lynne McCartney says

    Ah, 4 dog bones ready to add 1 more dog to the brigade? You’ll have to keep a little delite when the time comes!!

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