Beagle Pics – So Past Due

        They are all terrific. Maddox’s paw has healed but holy beegebez he needs to be on ‘The Biggest Loser’. Dang he is sneaky when it comes to stealing food. Buddy is still sweet as candy and very polite as always. Unless you try to cross one of his pack members {us}. […]

The beginning: Project 365 Days of Photography {Days 1 thru 4}

Time moves quickly. Change is constant. Whether it’s children growing, dogs learning tricks, fashion, delicious food and drinks, or plain good times; recording one photo per day for a whole year will give a rich visual history of life here in Orange County, California. And I’m here to share it with you. To begin with here are the first 4 days […]

One year ago today

After we said goodbye. She passed away. We all loved her very much.

Daphney has a new look.

Our diva Beagle has a new look. elisalou sent her a sassy new collar. and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT. It fits her ‘larger than a Wolf Hound’ personality. It also vibes Minny Mouse. And it’s just plain festive for the holidays, huh? We love you ‘Daffodil’. Elisa is taking some time off for the […]

Beagle Brigade December {Wordless Wednesday}

Buddy is ready for his close up {Wordless Wednesday}

  Thank you Modchik-Photography for the adorable capture of Buddy the Beagle.

Cheese Tart Appetizer Recipe for Thanksgiving

Hi Friends, Happy Friday to ya.    This was my first recipe post from last April. I’m reposting it today in the spirit of Thanksgiving Feasts to be prepared in the upcoming weeks. Besides, my computer and I are in the midst of a fencing competition and it’s winning. Darn you Sony Vaio.    See you next week, hopefully […]

Daphney Photo Friday


Every time I sit at the computer, the barking begins. The more I say “STOP-IT”, the louder and more pronounced it becomes.    It was driving me crazy. I even considered, since she is in her ‘season’, it was hormones and need a doggie Xanax. {Is there such a thing?} But then I paused, to ask myself, why is she […]