He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.

Here are the boys, begging minding their own business, while dinner was served al fresco. Then along came that pesky female super model  who just wants to get – all in their faces,  with lovey dovey overload. Geeez. Buddy hates when Daphney attempts to get some lovin’, begging for a lil K.I.S.S.I.N.G. A Manly Beagle giving the Heisman to […]

Cracker Barrel vs. In-N-Out Burger

DH wanted to stop and grab a bite to eat in Virginia. I protested wanting to find a ‘local favorite’ while on vacation from California.  Realizing my choices were fast food joints less than worthy to a West Coast favorite In-N-Out-Burger, order I acquiesced to DH wishes. For whatever reason, clinic I envision Cracker Barrel […]

Colorful Coffee Collaboration

Back in my former life sans kids, ampoule recipe I played with my friendly Pantone card deck constantly, we did everything together – the best of friends.  Pantone decks are used extensively in the any type of design process involving color. It is a rainbow collection of colors carefully graded so an exact color can […]

For the love of a Lazy Dog and OC Bloggers

OC Bloggers were welcomed at the Lazy Dog in Tustin, patient California this past Tuesday evening to drink and eat selected items from Executive Chef, Gabriel Caliendo. It was a complete Orange Crush; terrific night enjoyed by human and canines combined . I thank the two ladies behind EVERYTHING, Suz and Marcy. I recall meeting […]

A Summer Time Absolut Glee Cocktail

Glee Live performed in Hollywood this past Spring. I went weak in the knees when Puck, Mark Salling, glided on stage crooning Neil Diamond Sweet Caroline. Where it began, I can’t begin to know when But then I know it’s growing strong Oh, wasn’t the spring, whooo And spring became the summer Who’d believe you’d […]

Where in the world is the Outer Banks?

Not so obvious things for the beach

The Atlantic Ocean in the Outer Banks of North Carolina welcomed us. We had an amazing rental home from Joe Banks, only three doors down from our dearly beloved friends. The kids enjoyed three stories, kitchen and laundry room on each floor, heated pool, and for the grand finale – ocean view/access. Can you say […]

Wordless Wednesday – To Wet Your Whistle 

I am inundated with laundry full of sand and sunscreen. The AC is on the fritz. Processing 800 photos. Mourning the loss of two gold fish (note to self, rx pilule get someone to feed them while we’re gone next time). And finally celebrating my baby’s Special Day, wrapping presents at 5am. With that said, […]

I love you like a dog (via It'slisa's Blog)

I always want to be the person my Beagle Brigade thinks I am. Any dog lover would understand. This blog post about “What Pets Can Teach Us” speaks to this precisely. Enjoy the read. On a programming note, we just came back from the East Coast last night. This week I will be working on […]