Cracker Barrel vs. In-N-Out Burger

Outer Banks June 2010 753

DH wanted to stop and grab a bite to eat in Virginia.

I protested wanting to find a ‘local favorite’ while on vacation from California.  Realizing my choices were fast food joints less than worthy to a West Coast favorite In-N-Out-Burger, order I acquiesced to DH wishes. For whatever reason, clinic I envision Cracker Barrel to be a version of Hickory Farms and was turned off. Reluctantly, ailment I agreed to dine at Cracker Barrel, all the while shuffling my feet in the sand. Boy, was I so very wrong.

Outer Banks June 2010 753

Then came the porch rockers.


I wanted a porch to reside on and watch the sunset with one of these.

  You enter into the store environment, it has a very southern feel to it.

The kids were pleased. very pleased.

Lots of cool stuff.

Had to tell the littles ‘no’. Then I saw this and wanted to eat my words.

My Grampa used to stock his Indiana bar with these candy sticks.

Outer Banks June 2010 772

Outer Banks June 2010 776

Outer Banks June 2010 745

Outer Banks June 2010 748

Outer Banks June 2010 750

Outer Banks June 2010 736Outer Banks June 2010 739

Mommy and Daddy thanks you Cracker Barrel.

 Now onto the FOOD

 This is a grilled chicken sammy with thick sliced bacon and sharp cheddar cheese. Burp…

               The kiddos loved the Mac n Cheese. While for breakfast,

Mommy LOVED the Biscuits and Gravy.

So which would you choose,

Don’t get me wrong, I love a hawt Double Double with cheese and grilled onions, but Cracker Barrel now ranks high on my East Coast/Mid West list.



  1. Awww… Thank you for sharing! I lived in Chicago for three years and we would often visit for breakfast, I really miss that place so seeing you blog brought back so many memories! When I first heard the name, I too did not want to go but once there I enjoyed everything they had to offer! My favorite was the pecan pancakes! Thanks for sharing, the photos especially brought me back to some very happy memories!

  2. Yum!! I love the Cracker Barrel :D! Their eggs rock! I give it five stars 🙂

  3. I’m all for broadening the horizons, but In N Out rocks every time 🙂 Just wrote a post about how it inspires happy relationships,on top of just making you plain happy.

  4. I am surprised you haven’t heard me go off about Cracker Barrel and how i have to go there every time I visit Texas since we don’t have them here in Cali. Hasbrown cassarole, biscuits, and fried apples mmmmmmmmm the best ever. I use all Cracker Barrel items to make my cobblers. Promise to bring you one sometime soon. With the variety available at CB there is no doubt in my mind I would choose that before In-n-out. But if I want a burger here in Cali…that’s one place to go.


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