Just Taking Pictures

Buddy is an ideal photo subject. He remains still and doesn’t seem to mind the camera lens constantly being pointed in his direction. Maddox just ignores me, per usual. Daphney on the other hand has to be denied the urge to get her canine bicuspids onto my best ‘glass’ or ‘bodies’. What are ‘glass and bodies”? I am not taking about […]

Auburn Beagles New Litter of Puppies

  Daphney’s Daddy (Dylan) had a litter of puppies, well Cher actually did all the work. Needless to say our little girl has her first new set of step brother’s and sister’s. Click on the link for Auburn Beagle if you are interested in adopting a puppy. Be warned that many of the puppies were […]


For a fun birthday party our family went to Irvine’s Pretend City, a non-profit children’s museum. What an incredible way for children to practice in an adult world. Our youngest did not want to leave and talks about returning to Pretend City more than returning to Chucky Cheese. This is a good thing in my […]

I will not leave home without

DH is an IT consult specializing in management/organization of ginormous computer projects. He and I have a private challenge about packing efforts I will endure to get our family off the ground to an exotic location this summer. I told him “no worries; I have it completely under control”. However, to ease his mind, he […]

New York Steak with a Humdinger Enhancement

A great quality New York steak is what I love to order in fine steak houses and purchase at Costco to make for guests and family. A New York USDA Prime cut has a full-bodied texture that is slightly firmer than a rib eye or a Filet Mignon. It is my favorite. When I was […]