Caught in a Bad Romance

**no animals were harmed during production** I want your love and I want your revenge You and me could write a bad romance I want your love and All your lover’s revenge You and me could write a bad romance -Lady Gaga “I prefer not to get involved with Sid and Nancy”

Earthquake Warning

This is how Daphney slept with her litter mates and dog Mommy every night before we came to know her. Beagles snuggle in tight for warmth and love. It’s adorable. So how does Daphney sleeps with her new human family every night?  We love that she has transferred her need to cuddle to her new family, still desiring to be close for warmth and love. […]

Bedtime with Louis Pasteur

Bedtime is storytime. The Beagles after a long day of sniffing-protecting-eating-playing, curl up to join in the tradition. Value Tales have become go-to books, especially ‘The Value of Believing in Yourself – the Tale of Louis Pasteur‘ It is the tale of rabies and the discovery of its vaccination by Louis Pasteur. Both Beagles and children request the story nightly. […]

The newest objects of my affection

The newest objects of my affection are the lovely designs from The Mod Dog on Esty. Esty is a website that connects makers with buyers, a wonderful place to shop.  The Mod Dog specializes in custom designed accessories for  your pet,  especially dog collars which I just happen to be in the market for.  I am struggling, […]

That face, that face, that wonderful face.

I love to watch her face change expressions; each look is a prize. She has the soulful eyes of a deer, the soft temperament of a lamb, the patience and industriousness of a beaver and an excitable eagerness to carry out the ‘hunt’ for which she has been bred for over the centuries. She is a classic beauty, […]

Hide the Jimmy Choo’s

Daphney is teething, which means that unless we provide her suitable chew toys to occupy herself and relieve her discomfort, she is liable to destroy a long list of treasured belongings. I am still working on getting over this: So, I discovered these thin rawhide sheets which she can chew on, without biting a big […]

MacGyver Maddox

MacGyver; the optimistic, find laid-back, tadalafil resourceful secret agent who has the ability to use everyday objects to perform extraordinary feats. This is who Maddox the Lemon becomes when delicious delights are aloft on the kitchen counter (and everyone has vacated the room).  Mooching vittles is his mission. He is very talented.    He detects some tasty food, it beckons to […]

Who is a Bitter Critter??

Nice….. THIS DOES NOT WORK AT ALL This product does. Bitter Apple. Word to the wise.

Socially Snubbed

Maddox and Buddy have been trying to accept the fur baby.  Buddy, seems agreeable, most of the time, except when she wants to play with him. He tolerates her with gritted teeth until a full speed body slam occurs from across the yard.  Then he gets grouchy. Meanwhile, Maddox, the ultra cool King is quiet, UNTIL, the puppy begins her shenanigans. Then he will bark, […]