True Confession

A Confession

I love my Beagle Brigade endlessly.

I hate the hair shedding (and hate is a strong word).

In the Spring and Fall, Beagles undercoats explode and there is no way to keep up with the brushing, bathing, and vacuuming needed now with three dogs.

Until…. the FURminator.


It is an effective and inexpensive way to help with my dog hair obsessiveness sentiments. The fur goes flying to the wind, while the boys believe I’m trying to apply for a position at Message Envy.

I smile watching fur fly knowing: the more hair removed, the less hair that needs to be removed from furniture, clothes, floors, carpet, car, or (*cringe*) guests.

All hail the FURminator.

The dogs are pampered and Mommy doesn’t have to fight the shedding battle.

A true Win – Win.



  1. Just ordered one for my cat!

    and FREE SHIPPING with AMAZON PRIME – cuz that’s how Kathrasher and the Modchik roll!

    thanks! VERY COOL!

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