Do Beagles see in Color?

   I sure hope so.    

What It Takes To Be Number One

Ambition Winning Attitude And little marking on your booty is a nice reminder too.  

Born to be Wild

A dogs’ attitude towards exercise is quite different from our own.  Our Beagles need no motivation to go outside and get a cardio workout in, it is pure fun for the Brigade. Get your motor runnin’ Head out on the highway Lookin’ for adventure And whatever comes our way LOVE those ears a flying… Dogs crave a vigorous […]

Daphney photo friday

Born December 17, no rx 2009 Daphney 3 months old.

The Modchik

A slightly different post today, Sugar and Spice would like to share a delightful find. A great friend began a blog. It has been a huge success after many months of preparing, organizing, and planning. I knew her site was going to be the ‘Peak of Chic’. She is just that way. Drink it up […]

True Confession

A Confession I love my Beagle Brigade endlessly. I hate the hair shedding (and hate is a strong word). In the Spring and Fall, Beagles undercoats explode and there is no way to keep up with the brushing, bathing, and vacuuming needed now with three dogs. Until…. the FURminator. Dang. It is an effective and […]

The Lounge Lizard

Buddy exemplifies the Beagles general docility (is Daphney biting my tail, again?), eagerness to please (don’t ever get mad – I can’t stomach it), lack of aggressive response to handling (Indiana Jones), and adaptability to life in general.  One more thing snuggling Lots of snuggling. The lounge lizard craves it 24/7. “Please come sit with me, Please?”

3+3+4 = Tension Glass

Single Mom with 3 kids + 3 dogs was the title for 4 days.  D.H. was in Las Vegas for March Madness at a stylish Vegas Casino Sport’s Book. He deserved a fun weekend with close friends and free cocktails while watching all the basketball he ever wanted. He is encouraged to go on this […]

Sweet BFF’s

Unlike some breeds that bond to one family member, order diagnosis Beagles bond to all, especially children. Kids smell good, play and run, all aspects a Beagle loves. Friendly almost to a fault, the Beagle is the best friend a little sweet girl could have. The shear joy a puppy like Daphney can bring is […]