Wordish Photo Wednesday


Been busy. Lawdy. Two words, Silent Auction (committee of one). You should see my house. It’s reminiscent of the week I took off to read the Twilight Series. Dirty dishes to the ceiling, laundry both clean and not so clean strewn everywhere. You get the picture. So for now, for today, I’ll share a few […]

A UCLA Campus Visit


DH and I met in a little bar on the corner of Gayle and Weyburn in 1991 just off the Campus. It was known as Santopietro at the time. More recently, say in the 2000’s,  the bar went by the name of Maloney’s On Campus. Today, I do not know who owns it, but the […]

Super Hero Valentine


  Photo credit http://www.zakkalife.blogspot.com Shhh. Here is what we are working on at base camp for all of our “Super Friends” come Feb 14th.  You can too, stuff doctor if you dig it. Here is the pattern.  

Packing Up Memories


The mid-west was both nice and cold by all accounts this week. I had never seen my Grammie’s home buried under a foot of white pristine snow. It seemed appropriate that the cold weather came with the cold hard task of packing up her precious belongings.  That is where I spent the last 5 days. […]

A Montage Resort in Laguna Birthday and Cheese Plate


I just turned 42 years old, yep that’s me. My dad still cannot believe it.  He shakes his head in disbelief every time I mention it. Strangely, I still feel like I’m in my twenties. Perhaps a better way to say it would be, I just turned 28 with 14 years experience. Yes indeedy, staying […]

Newport Coast Winter Weather


We spent most of the day at Newport Beach yesterday.  I realize it’s winter out there and in most parts of the county it’s cold, snowy cold.  Heck, even in Southern California, temperatures should only be in the mid-60’s. But for whatever reason, Mother Nature changed things up for Orange County and sent warm weather, thermometers along Newport […]

Grammie’s Parker House Dinner Rolls


  Grammie’s parents separated when she was a toddler.  Her mom, to support her only daughter, rented out rooms in their home to offer family income.  Grammie grew up as a pair of hands to help her Mom run their boarding home. She assisted in cooking two meals a day for their 1920′s boarders.  Below was […]

A Dry Land Boat Parade that Shines in the OC


No water, that’s right. It’s a Dry Land Boat Parade ! Our town has an annual boat parade, with bright lights, an infectious spirit, plus Santa.  It’s a take-off on all those fancy-dancy harbor parades off the Pacific, a few miles away.  It has become a cherished tradition here in my part of the OC. […]

$100 Tea Collection Giveaway!


  I’ve been a Tea Collection Mama for quite a while. I discovered the brand when my last two where toddlers, help gasp, tadalafil 4 years ago.  Above is a photo with me and my youngest. She was showcasing a Tea ensemble back in the day. Goodness, pilule I miss that outfit and having only […]