12 Years Ago


Time 8:27am, September 10, 2000.

The nurse smiled, I mean really smiled, then rubbed my arm with force, “she may arrive a little blue and floppy honey.”

I was 29 and completely inexperienced in labor and delivery. I thought the nurse meant my baby would be a touch tired after labor and have a slight discoloration.

Nothing to worry about. Nothing at all.

In complete retrospect, DH had a much better perspective of that moment:

DH was thinking;

“Okay it has been an hour and a half of pushing and it didn’t seem that we were all that much closer.

Kathleen continued pushing and the baby’s heart rate continued to drop.

The Doctor then arrives and the nurse whispers how long Kathleen has been working and that the baby was showing “variables”.

After a review of the chart, the Doc came over to Kathleen to say “I am going to give you just one more chance and then we need to prepare for a c-section”.

So with this cautionary warning in my ear I pushed from my soul.

Lauren was born. And I remember the silence.

Shouldn’t there be a little crying right about now from a newborn?

ALL OF THE SUDDEN the room filled up like a Frat party at USC with 5 open kegs of Stella.

 10 ‘neonatal specialist’ in gowns and gloves where briskly moving around the room.

The nurse understood my confusion and said “they are here for resuscitation”.


To make a long story short. Lauren had a very short umbilical cord, only 18 inches. Every time I pushed, her body could not tolerate the force. The team of doctors and equipment crashed our delivery believing Lauren would need to be resuscitated. Yes, you read that correct, not living.

Then there was a cry. It was loud.  I knew everything was going to be okay.

She was letting the team of specialist know that Momma’s last push was swift and life saving.

With an audience of medical personnel smiling in amazement, she arrived pink and perfect.

Smiles were abound and a sense of relief washed over everyone, doctors included.

VPE 1st day of school 2012-022

 Today, 12 years later.

Happy Birthday to you my dear.

We love you….


  1. Yay, Happy Birthday Indeed!!!

  2. Wonderful! Happy Birthday Lauren!

  3. I love that Lauren is a commenter and a guest writer AND the star of the show today! Happy Birthday you were one gorgeous baby!

  4. Lovely, Kathleen. Happy Birthday to your hard-fought-for, perfect, beautiful girl. xxoo

  5. Nikki Nalchajian says

    Happy birthday Lauren! You are still pink and perfect!

  6. I remember that day well! It is an honor and a joy to be your Aunt! Have a really wonderful day . . . er, weekend!!

  7. Happy Birthday Lulu!!! Love you so much 🙂

  8. What a cutie – the last photo is just gorgeous with all the candy colors and Lauren’s beautiful eyes! Happy Birthday!

  9. OMG, it’s my baby’s birthday, too! Only, she’s 19 today!

  10. Why do these stories always make me cry? Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!

  11. She is beautiful!!!! Happy birthday little lady!

  12. Usc did have pretty great frat parties! Lol!!!
    Love you lauren. Happy 10 th birthday!!!! Such a sweet young lady xo

  13. Great post, Kathleen! Happy birthday to your daughter.

  14. She is so beautiful! Loved the story…sniff sniff!

  15. Such a heartwarming story. Happy birthday Lauren!

    On a different note, do any frats really serve Stella kegs?

    Love you!

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