Opening a Film Time Capsule

Back in the day, sick I used a film camera. I thought about that old friend today. While updating picture frames in my oldest daughter’s room, store we came across a Film Time Capsule. Underneath the existing photo was a handful of photographic treasures I had left behind.

All straight out of that trusted Canon camera with No Photoshop or Cropping. Here are the scans.

lauren 3lauren 3 bubbleslauren August 5lauren easter 5lauren easter 3 and a half 4-2004

Lauren balboalauren 3 fall

I forgot she was ever this age. That sweet tender face playing in bubbles, baking with my mom, raking leaves and playing at the beach seems so long ago.

She was 4 years old and soon after these photos her baby brother, swiftly followed by her baby sister came along. Being overwhelmed, the fancy film camera went into hibernation.

Although, I do remember how I took photos with film. I was slower, savoring each exposure on that 36 roll of film. Oh, and the excitement of picking up a developed roll to see what you captured. Did I get those settings right? Those were the days.

I can’t believe early motherhood made me put down my fancy camera. Wait, yes I can. Anyways, I hope you have a Film Time Capsule tucked away to cherish someday too.

If you are asking how did I get my photographic groove on, years later in 2010? With a new Digital Canon Camera to boot?  It wasn’t easy. You can read about that over here at Project 365 Mission Accomplished, That is, if you have the time.

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  1. These are FABULOUS photos! I have an old Nikon from the 70’s that was my father in law’s… and he took BEAUTIFUL pictures with it. I just need to get the balls to start using it.
    Ashley @ It’s Fitting recent posted..Good Enough to Eat – Oven Fried Chicken

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