Twitter and Instagram – A Few Funny and Inspiring Feeds

Here are a few online friends from Twitter and Instagram that make me smile, either by their brilliant wit or crazy awesome iPhone photos. Let’s start with the wit first. Twitter is terrific for breaking news, bloggers, banter during the Academy Awards (or any award show for that matter), and all sorts of trends. However, most of […]

Two Essential iPhone Apps for Earthquakes

We have had a flurry of earthquakes here in Southern California over the last 12 hours. Want to know how many? 26 as of 11:30 PST 8/8/2012. Think it’s time to share two essential iPhone apps for Earthquakes. I’ve kept track of earth quakes ever since the San Andreas Fault North Ridge Quake (6.7m) of […]

The Getty Center

Magical Places. I keep a little black book of em’. Standing in the fog near the San Francisco Bridge listening to the fog horn. A misty-magic place. Kilauea Volcano, on Maui, home to Pele’, the volcano goddess. Say no more. The Outer Banks of North Carolina where wild horses run free on the beach, a […]