The Getty Center

Magical Places. I keep a little black book of em’.

Standing in the fog near the San Francisco Bridge listening to the fog horn. A misty-magic place. Kilauea Volcano, on Maui, home to Pele’, the volcano goddess. Say no more. The Outer Banks of North Carolina where wild horses run free on the beach, a cavalier-magic kind of place.  Today, I bring you a local one from Southern California.

The Getty Center, right here in Los Angeles.

Getty Center-087Getty Center-082

Getty Center-067

How could this spectacular museum, housing collections by such luminaries as Van Gogh, Monet and Cezanne, be not a weekly visit. It’s truly a magical place.

Immense open spaces and easy transitions from indoor space to outdoor space makes the Getty Center light, airy and oh so pleasant on the senses.  Not to mention the beauty that is showcased within. When parking is the only fee you pay, a mere $15, this oasis is accessible to anyone.

Getty Center-010

This is how our accessible day went down.

With the little people, who at first, were not on board with this cultural art/museum adventure, they needed some convincing.

Getty Center-014

Getty Center Art Adventures to my rescue. A one-hour gallery mini tour. Part art lesson and part family teamwork. It was led by a gallery teacher, who introduced us to a handful of works. Today was glass from the 15th century. It was the perfect program, geared for families with children over 5ish, to introduce everyone to the magic of fine art.

Getty Center-027Getty Center-033

After discovering these ancient glass goblets, we were led by our tour guide to a painting from that century. Yeah, the photo does not do it justice. It’s beauty brought a lump in my throat and a wee tear in my eye. Sheer Magic. It was followed by a hands on experience of making your own “goblet”. 5ish and older, approved.

Getty Center-050Getty Center-062

Spirits soared and art was now cool. Teaching them everything Ms. Ching taught me back in the day became my mission. I hope I did her proud thanks to Cezanne {above},

Getty Center-044

Van Gogh,

Getty Center-042Getty Center-043

Degas, and more Van Gogh. Now everyone was on board and didn’t want to leave. Can’t you tell?

Well, neither did Mommy.

The Getty Center truly is a magical place, in every way, shape and form.

For me, if the day is getting to long, I close my eyes and imagine the wind in my hair standing on the Getty Center terrace. I know I’ll be back very soon.

Very soon.

Would you care to join me?

Hope so,



  1. L must be a teenager now. She was just a little baby the last time I saw her. Your kids are beautiful! I look forward to the annual Enge Christmas photo. 🙂

    I miss the Getty. My friend is a volunteer docent there… I should plan a mini-vacay to So-Cal to visit old haunts.

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