Twitter and Instagram – A Few Funny and Inspiring Feeds

Here are a few online friends from Twitter and Instagram that make me smile, either by their brilliant wit or crazy awesome iPhone photos.

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Let’s start with the wit first. Twitter is terrific for breaking news, bloggers, banter during the Academy Awards (or any award show for that matter), and all sorts of trends. However, most of all, I love a few entertaining Twitter Peeps. Here are a couple:



Not potty trained. Not Trying. How perfect is that Profile Description?

I’ve been known to laugh out loud in quiet places over this feed.



British humor at its best.



Oh my, talk about pompous. Completely over the top, FYI rated R.


Finally, @tweetsoutloud

Bobak, it the new poster boy for NASA. Check out their viral video below, posted this morning.

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Now on to favorite Instagram Peeps. Whenever Instagrammers get together (yes that is a word), the conversation always turns to, “do you follow So and So?”.  Sometimes I’ll light up because it’s a user I know. Other time I’ll scratch my head and go check out their feed if I can recall their name later.

Here is a small handful of names that came to mind this morning. They always knock my socks off.


Niovy, I love her days in Greece. So soothing.


Michelle is a local Orange County friend. Her beach photography, all from her iPhone, is exceptional.


So is Noel’s, a fellow OC Family Contributor. She has inspired me to start collecting sea glass with her photos this summer. Thanks Honey.


Confettis is my window to Sweden. Her feed is always full of color and splendid composition.


Jonesoh is my US Army friend. He was MIA for while and has recently arrived back on the IG scene. His Halo-Jumps blow my mind, especially one he did with a German Shepard.


Karyn is my New England friend, I completely lover her style. Soft and beautiful.


Sonyayu is a food photographer beyond compare. She also has an adorable French Bulldog.


Miiieeeee also has an “Angelina Jolie Beagle”. They live in Japan – I believe.


Kriswoo, another OC friend. She can capture flair and light better than anyone I know.


Finally Gkim1126. One look at her pup Joy and you will be hooked.

Believe you me, I could go on and on and on over  Twitter and Instagram peeps.

More another day, okay?

Do you have a few favorites, please share!

As for me, I can be found on both Twitter and Instagram under @ksugarandspice.

See you there!

Happy Friday Friends,



  1. I can’t believe even Oprah is on instagram now. Great finds k

  2. You have just opened up the world to me in a beautiful and inspiring way! I’m going to make a resolution to take a little time every day to admire the beauty around me!

  3. The pilgramer crew!

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