Deviled Eggs Recipe – Plain and Simple

Love Deviled Eggs. Making them is an entirely different story. The most frustrating part; the peeling. In the past, doctor more hard-cooked egg than egg shells end up in the sink. Resulting in an unappealing miss-shaped appetizer.  No one will be running to those babies at a potluck gathering. With Easter this weekend I bring […]

Back By Demand; Toasted Pumpkin Seed Recipe

This is somewhat of a repost from last year.  The toasted pumpkin seed recipe from October 2010 has recently been requested by a few of you.  Instead of emailing links or the recipe itself, pills I’ll simply post it again friends. It’s a simple brining recipe which keeps the result on the healthy side.  There […]

Summer Farm Stand Salsa

Here is a really easy, delicious and crowd-pleasing dish.  It’s colorful and terrific for any type of bash.  One of the tricks is to use choice ingredients, ideally from a farm stand.  Especially fresh corn, heirloom tomatoes, limes and ripe hass avocados. As for the jalapenos, be sure to use gloves while handling.  If ya’ choose […]