Beagle Brigade Photography: A Brand New Collection

I have too many dogs.

I do.

Maddox, check buy Buddy and Daphney.

I love them all, hospital but the hair and the barking and the discipline can send me running to the hills some days.

Want one?

I must admit, decease late at night, when I curl up on the sofa, I have the warmth of three soft fuzzy animals snuggled next to me.

It is cozy and peaceful.

Except if one is snoring or flatulent.

Here is a snap shot of last night as the evening was winding down here at headquarters.

The order of the photos; outside to check the perimeter, all’s clear, inside for treats, tired and hogging the furniture, and rounding out the night –  looking after my middle man who is feeling lousy.

Beagle Brigade 10-11-013Beagle Brigade 10-11-023Beagle Brigade 10-11-024Beagle Brigade 10-11-029Beagle Brigade 10-11-026Beagle Brigade 10-11-035Beagle Brigade 10-11-034Beagle Brigade 10-11-066Beagle Brigade 10-11-084Beagle Brigade 10-11-085

Beagle Brigade 10-11-081Beagle Brigade 10-11-091Beagle Brigade 10-11-095Beagle Brigade 10-11-071Beagle Brigade 10-11-072Beagle Brigade 10-11-097


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