Best of April 2012

While washing my face this morning I felt there was something missing from these 2012 year end review posts. My monthly commentary. To make up for this, here are my impressions from the previous months followed by April. And I’ll tell you April is chalked full of mac-daddy favorites.

Best of January 2012

Pro – Some extraordinary warm beach temps and packing up my Gigi’s belongings.

Con – The end of the holiday season without my Gigi and packing up Gigi’s belongings

Best of February 2012

Pro – Connecting with the brilliant Joy the Baker and Valentines Day

Con – None

Best of March 2012

Pro – A UCLA Campus Visit followed by an epic dinner at Morton’s.

Con – Where is the time going?

Now on to April, grab a seat, it’s a big one:

Rancho Las Palmas-024Rancho Las Palmas-032Rancho Las Palmas-085Rancho Las Palmas-059Rancho Las Palmas-034Rancho Las Palmas-141Rancho Las Palmas-396Rancho Las Palmas-489Rancho Las Palmas-491Rancho Las Palmas-167Rancho Las Palmas-232Rancho Las Palmas-151Easter-144Grieb_Visit-432Grieb_Visit-117Grieb_Visit-449A Day In The Life-108A Day In The Life-107A Day In The Life-152

Umami Burger-103

Pros: Friends and Family, I adore them.

Cons: Nada

Happy New Years Eve Eve.



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