A UCLA Campus Visit

DH and I met in a little bar on the corner of Gayle and Weyburn in 1991 just off the Campus. It was known as Santopietro at the time. More recently, say in the 2000’s,  the bar went by the name of Maloney’s On Campus. Today, I do not know who owns it, but the building still stands.  We both went to UCLA in Westwood, California. Many places from ‘back in the day’ are now gone. But, DH and I seem to have withstood the test of time.   You see, I was Theta and DH was Sigma Nu in the 1990’s on that UCLA Campus. You can read about those times HERE.

ron and I ucla graduation

This was our graduation day. We walked through ceremonies together. I recall the day as if it were yesterday.

The sands of time are moving briskly, because that was just yesterday. Well, may be not. Because I look at this picture and realize how much different DH and I are today, gulp, twenty years later. Let’s just say I am pleased as punch he was the last man I would ever kiss since 1991.

Is someone cutting onions in here? Hand me a tissue please.

So last week I took the little people to our old stomping grounds. DH had a meeting in Burbank, which gave us time for me to walk the campus with our crew.

I had my camera. This is how it went down.



You’re going to make good decisions, right honey? When you asked me about Harvard, I did not lie when I told you it was very cold and dreary.  Come now, Cambridge, MA is a touch chilly. Not to mention FAR away from the people who love you the most.

Southern California is were you belong, especially after a UCLA Campus Visit.  Just think of all the fine gentleman you may meet, just like your daddy.

Go Bruins.



  1. Tell that cute girl we’ll talk in a few years…

    • Amanda, my amazing Harvard grad friend, I would give my girl special dispensation, if and ONLY if, she was attending with your oldest. ….Maybe….

  2. I had a great memories on my school days, this post reminds me a lot things on my college, now I want to visit my university, I wonder how are my old teachers?and I really have to say thanks to them for making me a great professional women.


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