It Was Meant To Be

You were playing pool at the college bar we frequented in Westwood, illness cialis California.  It was December 1991.  We were 21 years old and had been dating for three months.  You sank the 8 Ball in the corner pocket and a quiet voice in my head whispered you were “The One”.   Later that night, viagra I shared this with you.  Your response of  “I knew that the day I met you.  I’ve just been waiting for you to catch up…” sealed the deal.  I guess you and I were meant to be.

We dated for four years.  You proposed in San Francisco and I said yes.  I said yes for so many reasons.  Some of them I knew, ailment others I would discover in the years to come.  Today I will share a random few:

ron darts

In college, when I missed classes to work and help pay rent, you attended and took copious notes.  You then taught me all the material I had missed before finals, to make sure we both received A’s.


Instead of a formal Sorority ~ Fraternity “Pinning”.  You gave me your Sigma Nu pin privately one night.  Promising me the world and your heart. 

ron and I dating b

You held me close, told me I’m beautiful and will always be the only one for you.   Both then and now, you have made me feel so special with just one glance from your turtle brown eyes.


When you left to ski Vail for three months during our last college spring quarter, I cried.  It broke my heart, I missed you so.  You wrote love letters, ensuring me, you had not forgotten about our dreams of a future together. 

ron and I ucla graduation

Upon your return, we held hands as we walked through UCLA commencement ceremonies.  We were giddy knowing just a few days later we would be moving to San Francisco.  We had our diplomas, no money, a single U-Haul truck of stuff and each other.

SF Bloggy Boot Camp-072

It was difficult finding work straight out of college.  You had landed at a Big 6 accounting firm with your Economics degree.  I had decided law school was not my cup of tea.  When I became frustrated with the interview process, you rubbed my feet and told me the particular job I wanted was not a good fit.  You were always perceptive and right on, as usual. 

SF Bloggy Boot Camp-057SF Bloggy Boot Camp-084

My first Camera.  It was a gift from you in 1994.  You told me to capture the world how I saw it and share the beauty.  You have always been my biggest supporter for which I am endlessly grateful.

Outer Banks June 2010 707

Your companionship and laughter have been a delight these last twenty years. You are my driven, decent, truthful, compassionate, and loving knight in shining armor.

wedding limo editENGE HOLIDAY-222

With the family we are now raising together, sometimes the busy days go by without me telling you how wonderful I think you are.  How thankful I am for the good things you do, and how much I adore you.  These things are always in my heart, but I just wanted to tell you on our 16th Wedding Anniversary because


I love you.

We were just plain meant to be.

Happy Anniversary Darling Husband



  1. Ginell L. says

    I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!! Kathleen you are so blessed and your story is beautiful. You have one of the most funny, loving, and respectful families. I truly am blessed to call you all my friends. Happy Anniversary my dear friend! 🙂

  2. Where is my tissue box. So good. So touching. Happy Anniversary Kathleen and DH.

  3. So good. I love this story about your love. You two seem very happy. The photos are terrific, thank you for sharing.

  4. Happy Anniversary to you Kathleen and your Husband!!!

  5. Oh, this is just the sweetest post!!!!!!!! I love all the old pictures. So amazing to look back at all your years together. Many congratulations on 16 years of marriage! Happy anniversary!

  6. Happy, happy anniversary K&R! I love hearing the pieces of your love story!

  7. Jessica Chatterton says

    I’m in love with your love story! Just beautiful. Congratulations you two!

  8. Congratulations and many, many more years of a happy, loving marriage! God bless you both!

  9. Wonderful post!!! So sweet and such a true match! Here’s to many more fun filled years together 🙂

    • Kathleen says

      Thanks Shanna. I’ve been meaning to give you a shout out for that dress from H&M in your last post. You looked dazzling in that black and white number. xo

  10. Rachel R says

    This is so sweet and good. A favorite post. Those photos of San Francisco are remarkable! You need a photography gallery. Happy Anniversary Kathleen and DH


  1. […] A UCLA Campus Visit March 12, 2012 By Kathleen Leave a Comment DH and I met in a little bar on the corner of Gayle and Weyburn in 1991 just off the UCLA Campus. It was known as Santopietro at the time. More recently, say in the 2000’s,  the bar went by the name of Maloney’s On Campus. Today, I do not know who owns it, but the building still stands.  We both went to UCLA in Westwood, California. Property in Westwood seems to change hands often, especially when it come to bars.  You see, I was Theta and DH was Sigma Nu  in the 1990′s. You can read about those times a bit HERE. […]

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