Joy the Baker – you done did good.

I subscribe to her blog, read it daily and love everything she does. Her creative eye and recipes are out of this world. They fall in the magical category.  Remember the glorious Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread and then the Brie Bites last December I posted about?  You guessed it, both from Joy. She is a self-taught cook who lives in Venice, California. Her blog has been named the Best Baking Blog by Food-buzz and the Top 50 Food Blogs by the London Times. Really super cool stuff. When I heard she had just published a cookbook, it was on the must buy ‘right now’ list. Check it out.

Nordstroms and White on Rice 004

Isn’t she pretty? I have read this book no less than 5 times in the past 24 hours that it has been in my possession. I love it and must share it with you.

Nordstroms and White on Rice 474

I adore her sense of humor, it speaks to me. For instance her chapter titles, “I think I just ate chocolate for dinner” and “pancakes pancakes pancakes” make me giggle.

Nordstroms and White on Rice 473

Oh and hey, check out this offering. Cake with walnut praline topping, makes my knees go weak. Her book is truly a celebrations of butter and sugar. Her words not mine.  So when I met Joy at the White on Rice Studio yesterday, all I wanted to do was talk about food-fabulous-food, eat, drink and then do it again.

Kitchenaid Lunch-358Kitchenaid Lunch-340Kitchenaid Lunch-362

However Kitchenaid had other plans for Joy. They were thrilled that she was going  to demo her Swiss Meringue. Despite the fact Joy feels shy at times, you would have never guessed it. Her presentation was sassy, witty and smart.

Kitchenaid Lunch-353Kitchenaid Lunch-363

When she was done, the Meringue was light as a feather and tasted like uber-gourmet 5-star marshmallow fluff. It was life changing stuff. Everyone was then given an opportunity to grab a dozen cupcakes and decorate away.

Kitchenaid Lunch-379

Let the party begin.

Kitchenaid Lunch-417

Todd reached for his blow torch to singe those Swiss meringue tops. He taught us how to do it without burning your fingers. Quick little swipes from the heat is all it takes

Kitchenaid Lunch-430

These came home for the little people.

Kitchenaid Lunch-450Kitchenaid Lunch-447

They were devoured before I set my purse on the counter.

Kitchenaid Lunch-457

Good thing I made one last cupcake for myself. Joy was done and we had a chance to chat.  Her book tour is starting very soon. The Pacific Northwest will be her first stomping ground.

Kitchenaid Lunch-302

Best of luck with your book signing tour sweets. You done did good.

If you would like met Joy too, first check out her blog Joy The Baker. Then get yourself a copy of her book. I love mine so much, I’m not willing to part with it. It can be found at:


Barnes and Noble

and many more stores around town.

I am off to try her Coffee Bacon Sandwiches! I just know they will be spectacular.

Keep it sassy Joy,


psst…. More about this fabulous day is coming up. Pinky Swear.



  1. I count those raspberry flavored seltzer water cupcakes instead of sheep. Oh my cashmere socks they are all I can think about since seeing your Instagram pic.
    Nicole recent posted..I Feel Pretty

    • Kathleen says

      Thank you my dear. I completely agree about those raspberry flavored seltzer’s. It was my first time! How could I have not known about this find!. Thanks for stopping by ~ xo

  2. Looks like a fun day! I love Joy too 🙂
    Betsy recent posted..Whole Roasted Artichoke

    • Kathleen says

      BETSY!! How are you girl. I wish you could have been there. I chatted with a number of food bloggers from San Diego who drove up. Next time I will see if I can +1 you. That would be excellent 🙂

  3. Next time make ME a cupcake, you don’t ya! Great photos and recap, made me feel like I was there. You are always so good at that. Can’t wait to hear more.

  4. So awesome! I read Joy the Baker just about every day, too.
    ileana recent posted..Spicy tuna melt with caramelized onions

  5. Great Idea about personalizing cup cakes, I want to try that looks yummy.
    Angel Collins recent posted..OSHA Gets Serious About Modernizing Its Injury and Illness Data Collection

  6. I love cupcakes! The Swiss Meringue Tops will blow your mind! And I completely agree about those Raspberry Flavored Seltzer’s. Try it!

  7. Coffee bacon sandwiches? Oh my! Love this girl already! Love your photos of this event, K! xo
    Mama Mary recent’s my birthday month and i’ll wear madonna if i want to

  8. Ooooh, how exciting! I’ve never been to her site so I must RUN, not walk over there. And what adorable cupcake carriers! I’m sure the littles at home were very excited 😀
    Ashley @ It’s Fitting recent posted..Project 366 : Week 9

  9. Woah!,,I like those cupcakes makes me so hungry, I love those small balls, looks like a porcelain on top view.
    Cheryl Anderson recent posted..Sales Summer Intern

  10. Woah!Impressive made, great idea about making personalized cupcakes, looks delicious I want to taste them.

  11. Oh my, I’m craving for cupcakes right now..It makes me so hungry, looks so delicious and I want to eat them right away! 🙂
    Mary Kentucky recent posted..Meet the Newest EcoTools: The Buffing Brush

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